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How to get customers to leave positive reviews for your online shop

With a little creativity and planning, ensuring that every customer has an experience worthy of a glowing review is easy. Putting in the time to carry out a targeted strategy will help you to improve customer satisfaction and boost the amount of people that leave your shop a review.

How to make sure the reviews are positive

Clearly state delivery expectations and then surpass them

Tell your customers how long they can expect to wait for an item- this will avoid customers thinking that a delivery has taken longer than it should. Ensure that you deliver within that timeframe at least, or ideally surpass it. If your estimated delivery time is six days, aim to get it to the customer in four.

Think outside of the box

Go the extra mile to ensure that your customers enjoy opening your packages. Minor details such as pleasantly decorated packaging, discount coupons for further purchases and including a free gift will make your store stand out, and customers more eager to give back with a review.

Graze packaging
Quality control

Have some sort of quality control at the final point of packaging. This seems simple, but it will minimise the chance of customers having a problem with their order.

Deal with problems like a pro

If a problem should arise, go beyond the call of duty to rectify the situation. You want to turn the situation around and leave your customers raving about how well the customer service team dealt with the issue rather than what a catastrophe the experience was.

Think about your review score when buying new stock

The review footprint that you create online will follow your business throughout its lifetime. Don’t purchase anything (ie. poor quality items) that will leave your customers unhappy and risk leaving you with a string of negative reviews on your record.

Take note of negative reviews

If you already have some negative reviews, look into what the customers complaints have been and work to improve on that point.

Keep in touch

Let the customer know what stage their order is at. Email order summaries, dispatch notifications etc to keep them updated with how long it is before their order will arrive. If you really want your store to stand out, try personalising the emails with what you want your brand to say.

dominos track

Dominos stage of order system

Ways to get your customers to leave a review

Put a prompt in packaging

What better way to target your customer than directly in the package and at the time they receive the final part of all the hard work that you have put in. Include a small prompt (card, leaflet etc) that asks customers to leave a review on your chosen review site. You could even put a QR code that takes customers to your chosen review page.

review qr
QR code leaflet example.
Email link

Put a link to your chosen review site profile in correspondence emails.

Lead by example

Use previous positive reviews as an example when asking customers to review your site. Seeing that other customer have left a review will make other customers more likely to join in and leave a review too; ever heard of social proof?

Send a follow up email

If you haven’t directly targeted in the packaging, send an email asking customers for a review during the week after they have received their parcel.

Follow up email example from Boohoo.com
Facebook reviews

Allow Facebook users to rate you using Facebook’s review feature. Facebook reviews advertise themselves to a certain extent because anyone that visits your Facebook page will see that they have the option to review your business.

Make it easy

Make it easy for customers to leave a review by putting a link to your chosen review profile on your website and social media. If a customer is required to search for the correct site and page in order to leave a review, it may deter them from doing so.

If you’re looking for more information about reviews, look out for a follow up article about the best review sites to join.

Do you have any other tactics for getting customers to review your site? We’d love to hear them.

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