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10 easy steps to get more followers on Instagram

I know what you’re thinking, how do some of these companies get so many followers? Usually, it’s down to consistency, a solid plan, hard work and having your own unique way of doing things. Below are 10 easy steps that helped me grow my followers on Instagram.

1) Engage with other users. Like, comment and follow other people. This is the most common and natural way to gain more followers. You need to be regularly on the lookout for new users to follow and engage with, spend as much time as you can on that explore page. Try to keep it relevant to what you like though, if you just like anything and everything then Instagram will try and make it relevant to the things you double tap on. Another point is to not come across as a spammer too, you will only get people unfollowing you if they find out all you do is like and comment just to gain followers.

2) Use relevant hashtags. These need to be related to your business. Don’t go overboard though. Only have 8 at maximum and keep them in context with what you’re posting about. Sometimes if you are posting a very generic post then it’s okay to add some of the biggest hashtags in there, but again don’t hashtag the sun if you’re doing a post about it snowing. Make sure that some of the hashtags are keeping up to date with daily trends such as #throwbackthursday.

3) Be consistent. Post daily if you can. Make sure you love everything you post and always make it relevant to your business. One of the biggest let downs that I find when following some companies, is that they start something, do it for a couple of weeks and then decide they want to try something new. A good example of this would be if you posted new products every Monday evening at 6 pm. Run it for a month and then the month after you don’t do it. That’s not consistent. If you’re wanting to do something like that then you need to make sure that you’re going to commit to it for as long as possible.

4) Ask questions on your posts. Give the people who have found your post a reason to engage with you and your business. Engagement is really important on Instagram; people love to get involved. If you ask a simple question, then 9 times out of 10 people will respond. A good example would be to ask a question like – We have just got this new product in, who wants to see it in action? As simple as that really.

5) Always tag relevant people in your posts. Don’t just tag random people or big companies that are nothing to with your post. Instead, keep it real and if you’re writing a post about how much you love the new Apple MacBook then tag them. If you’re selling other peoples products, then always tag the manufacturers in any posts that show their products.

6) Share behind the scenes content. Instagram users love to see what’s going on behind the scenes of your business. You still need to make it good though. Nobody wants to see a video of how you just uploaded a new product to your website. You unpacking a new product that has just come in stock then yeah that’s good! One thing to watch out for is posting too much behind the scenes content, it’s easy to do as you don’t really need to think about the content. But don’t turn your Instagram profile into one big behind the scenes library. Users still want the good stuff.

7) Use Instagram stories. A lot of people don’t use stories as they don’t see the point when they just disappear after 24 hours. I see it from a totally different side. Something that only lasts 24 hours is great! You can have a flash sale on for 24 hours that they can only get access to via your Instagram story! It makes it addictive if my favourite brand posts something on their Instagram story and I know that it’s going to disappear after 24 hours then it will make me click on it and see what they are going on about. You don’t really get the same addiction when it’s just a normal Instagram post. They can be easily forgotten about and there is also no urgency as you know you could look at it whenever. Remember to always link anything that your posting on stories, give users an incentive to swipe up.

8) Run a contest. People love nothing more than to get something for free. If you have something that people want and better yet, they could get it for free if they just follow some basic steps? Why wouldn’t you? Just make sure that you’re not demanding too much from people. A basic like this picture and follow us for a chance to win is fine. Don’t go over board and ask them to share the post, comment and so on. Keep it as basic as possible. You need to also make sure that you actually give out the prize that you’re meant to be giving away.

9) Quality beats quantity. Nobody wants to see post after post of products that are on your site. Nobody at all. Make sure that the pictures look great and that they stand out compared to anyone else in your market. This is where planning comes in, you need to make a daily social plan and really plan out what you want to post about daily. You will not get more followers on Instagram if you just post randomly. It’s a bit different with personal accounts but for business, it’s vital that you only post top quality images.

10) Promote your Instagram everywhere. Make sure it’s on your website, emails, flyers, business cards and anywhere that people see your business. If you don’t do this, then you’re really missing out on people following you. A great tip would be to make your username as short as possible. When your username is short you can easily place it everywhere. A long username can look a bit too much on a flyer or a business card.

Although these tips do help your Instagram following to grow, you need to remember that it all comes down to you. You’re the one who’s posting and you need to make sure that everything you post is great. Don’t worry about a number of followers you have. If you focus more on the content, then the followers will start to come in.

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