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Features that will help improve your website design


You’re creating an online shop. Pretty big step.

You want your shop to be eye catching, modern and professional looking – whilst still having all of the functionalities that increase sales and make it fun and simple for your customers to shop with you. You also need the features to be easy enough for you to quickly add yourself.

Sounds like a lot, huh?

Fear not.

Here are 14 ekmPowershop features that will keep your shop looking sharp and give you the flexibility to tailor the look to suit your needs.

Each feature can be added with just a couple of mouse clicks. You will find links to the all new support centre, by each point, that will tell you exactly how to do it.

Here goes:


Editable themes

Once you’ve chosen a theme you can customise it to suit or to create your brand. You can change the colours of your theme and edit areas of it.

The area that will have the biggest impact on your customers is the header image. A stunning header image will capture your customers as soon as they  land on your website.

See how to edit elements on your pages.




Image editor

A picture is worth a thousand words- so what is a stunning product image worth? You can edit your images with the powerful image editing tools within ekmPowershop.

Not only can you crop and resize your images- you can also add frames, borders and text to an image. You change the colours, saturation, improve quality and plenty more. This tool gives you the power to create stand out webpages to display your products.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a social media comedian? You can even create memes.

Here’s how.


Promo stickers

Choose from hundreds of stickers to keep your customers up to date with sales, deals, reductions and favourite products.

You can use the ekmPowershop stickers- they come a variety of styles and colours with hundreds of messages to suit your requirements, or you can also upload your own.

Choose which pages they appear on and in what size and position the stickers appear. They’re easy to customise and add, check out the steps.




Image lightbox

The lightbox feature lets you gives your customers a full size view of product images in a professional way. Rather than open large images in a new window the lightbox feature opens the image over the current page the customer is viewing.


Image zoom

With product image zoom your customers can zoom in on product images for a closer look.


Logo builder

Create your own logo with the ekmPowershop logo builder. It’s perfect if you’re looking to create a simple but professional logo for your business. Choose from a huge range of shapes and symbols, with custom colour creation and plenty of editing features. The logo you create will then be saved on your shop.

You can see the guide on how to create a logo from your shop using the logo builder here.


Related products

Install the related products feature to display similar products to the product a customer is viewing.  You can use this to cross- sell or up- sell. Here’s how to install the related products feature.


WordPress blog

If you’re into content marketing or blogging (no bias, but this is a favourite feature over here on the ekmPowershop blog) you can easily add a wordpress blog to your shop domain. It’s simple but here’s a guide to point you in the right direction anyway.


Mobile Theme

All ekmPowershops come with a customisable mobile theme as standard. You can edit this template to match the design of your shop in just a few clicks. See the guide to customing your mobile template.




Mobile preview

Want to see how the changes you’ve made to your mobile template look? Preview everything that your customers will see on any device in the design section. The mobile template user guide will tell you everything you need to know.


Add webpage

You can easily add webpages to display essential information such as delivery times and contact details. See the guide to adding more pages.


Anchor text

Let your users flow seamlessly between sections with anchor links. They allow you to link to areas further along the page to avoid scrolling. Here’s how to do it.


HTML Customisation

HTML customisation is one of the most important features on this list. All of the webpages and themes available with ekmPowershop are fully HTML customisable. This gives you the power to have full control over the way that your shop looks if you want to use your design skills to make amendments to your ecommerce website. To learn more about customising your design using HTML, view the guide.


What are you waiting for?

Your own successful online shop is just a click away