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5 beautiful eCommerce websites built on EKM

Working on the marketing team at EKM I see a lot of websites (as you could imagine). Here’s some of my favourite online shops I’ve seen built on EKM.


Jane Hornsby

This website has always stood out to me due to its minimalism and simplicity. From the colour scheme to the logo to the presentation of products, it all follows a consistent ‘clean’ narrative and not only does it look great on the eyes, it’s also super easy to use.



Leading Edge Safety

What I like about Leading Edge is their use of high quality images. At EKM, we believe that shopping online shouldn’t be a chore but an experience. Leading Edge offer a great experience from start to finish and makes using their website an exciting, stimulating journey.



Whiskey Vault

Consistency cannot be overrated when it comes to web design. This doesn’t just mean using a similar colour scheme throughout your website, it goes much deeper into which fonts you use, the copy and tone in which you speak to customers, the products photos and much more. Whiskey Vault do an excellent job of making each visit to their website one to remember.


Mosey Home

The thing I like about this website is how immersive it is. As soon as you hit their homepage you’re immersed, almost overloaded with visual stimulus and you’re bought into their brand immediately. I feel some shop owners fail to recognise how important image quality is and how the quality of images affect a customer’s perception of their business. If there’s anything you can’t deny of Mosey, it’s that they have their own style.



KC Watches

An important element that a lot of shop owners tend to miss is that their web design should reflect the type of business they are and product they sell. For instance, if you’re selling a luxury product your website shout scream luxury in all its facets. KC Watches are a high end retailer of luxury watches with a luxury website to match.



You can see more examples of beautiful EKM shops here.