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5 hacks to get the most out of your online shop

By all accounts EKM is a very easy platform to use to build an online shop, however, one thing I’ve found in my experience is that people fail to use it to it’s full potential, often because they don’t know everything it has to offer. Here’s 5 hacks to save you time and get the most out of your EKM shop and your online business.

Advanced Inventory Manager

We’ll start off with the obvious one, inventory management. This handy feature saves you endless hours of manually editing stock levels and prices by giving you the ability to amend them in bulk.

The inventory manager is packed with functionality that make your life easier. Here’s a couple of examples of what you can achieve by using this handy tool:

Adjust prices

Let’s say Cyber Monday is round the corner and you want to drop your prices across the board by 40% for your website visitors. With the Inventory Manager, what would be a timely task becomes a breeze.

adjust prices

Copy products

If you’ve got products that you want to duplicate and customise, you can do this in a few clicks. (Remember, duplicate content and products will be bad for search engine rankings, so please remember to customise duplicate products).

copy products

Category management

Move products to new or additional categories in a matter of seconds.

category management

Embed product videos

Creating how-to product videos is a great way to draw attention to your products and give customers a reason to choose you over your competitors. What merchants often overlook is how easy it is to embed these videos into your product description. Simply, press the ‘embed media’ button, paste the video URL and it will be embedded to your product.

embed media
embed video

Show your location

One great little hack to boost your local SEO rankings is to ensure that you have your location clearly visible in your ‘Contact Us’ page. Search engines want to give the end user (your visitors) the best, most relevant experience when browsing. If you’re showing shoppers where you’re based, not only does it build trust, it gives shoppers an easy way to contact you if needs be. To insert you Google Maps location on your Contact Us page, follow the instructions below:

1. Start by editing your Contact Us page

2. Use the Maps button to embed Google Maps

embed google maps
3. Next, enter your business address and drop the pin on your location

location maps

Branded invoices

Having a reference to your brand on invoices makes you look and feel more professional. Use the custom invoices feature to enter a logo onto invoices prior to sending to your customers.

invoice logo
To edit your invoices, click Print then Change Header. Here you can insert your own logo and branding.

Test shop

Web design and eCommerce is like the fashion industry, trends come and go and customer expectations are always changing which means you need to be on your toes at all times. Luckily, at EKM we have an entire team dedicated to ensuring online shops using EKM never get dated. Even still, as a merchant, you will have your own standards and taste that you want to try on your shop. The problem is that just testing a new design is risky especially when you have a constant stream of customers visiting your site on a daily basis.

This is why we created the Test Shop. Look at the Test Shop as a sandbox where you can test your ideas without it having any impact on your live shop. If you like the look of your idea, you can then create it on your live shop with full confidence.

test shop
To try new designs in your test shop, simply head over to the Settings section of your EKM account and find Test Shop under Advanced Settings.


If you don’t yet have an online shop, you can start your 14 days free here.

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