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5 stunning new themes, on us!

We’ve added five stunning, new ecommerce themes to ekmPowershop. As usual they’re all free, created with what your customers require in mind, and fully customisable- giving you control over the look of your shop no matter how much you know about design. Your shop will look great on any device- just make sure you’re using your awesome mobile shop.






Bold comes with colour editable elements that allow you to change the colour scheme of your theme with just a couple of clicks. It also features a dynamic menu that will bring up sub-categories when your customers hover over a top level category- keeping your shop looking modern.

Section: Fashion



fresh (1)



Just like Bold, Fresh is  colour editable with a dynamic menu. It also features a product scroller that allows you to display multiple products in a small scrolling area and product tabbed boxes that show more information without putting too much text in front of your customers.

Section: Fashion



impulse (1)



Impulse is fully colour customisable with a dynamic menu- giving you the power to edit the theme colours to suit your industry, brand or products.

Section: Gifts



lightning (1)



Lightning is again, colour customisable with a dynamic menu. It also allows you to create expandable content for long product information- perfect for those wordy, technical titles!

Section: Electronics



thecraft (1)


The Craft

The Craft features colour customisable elements (a necessity for all crafters) and a dynamic menu. You can also use a product scroller, expandable content and product tabbed boxes.

Section: Arts and Crafts


Our themes team is currently working on a new batch of themes, and we might be a little biased but they’re our best yet.

Keep an eye on our blog for more information about these, and make sure you’ve subscribed to our blog via the right-hand side of the page to receive all the updates.

4 thoughts on “5 stunning new themes, on us!

    1. Hi,

      Are you asking if the themes use HTML5 markup? This information will better equip us to answer your question.


      1. More that when I run our site through html checker that there is markup that is just plain wrong, and not compliant with either html4 or html5 (unclosed tags etc) And unfortunately it’s in places that I can’t do anything about (built in markup in the template or generated by the elm tags)
        Yes, the site works fine, but every little helps when it comes to Google organic search rankings, which is what we rely on.

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