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5 ways to optimize your website for eCommerce

When it comes to e-commerce, there is no easy or short way. Turning window shoppers into buyers is a task that requires getting your hands dirty and getting into the nitty-gritty of things. There are no shortcuts, and the road is difficult, but once you get there, the return of investment is tremendous. People can be difficult customers, and learning what makes them tick, and more importantly – what draws them in – puts you at a great advantage over your competition. Here’s a few pieces of advice that could invariably help achieve that conversion rate you are chasing after.



Nowadays, people already know the importance of SEO for their business. SEO helps search engines (like Google) find your website easier among countless others when a user types in the appropriate phrase. What you want is to have Google display your website in the first few pages. There are countless details that perfect the art of search engine optimization, but the core comes down to using good keywords; the more precise, the better (ex. ‘affordable carpet cleaning Preston’ instead of just ‘carpet cleaning’). Google will find your website easier if you make a longer, more defined keyword, because the pool of link choices will automatically be smaller, thus bumping you up in the search results list.


Longtail keywords


You may not have known this, but the three most important phrases for a customer are not ‘sale’ and ‘discount’, but ‘free shipping’, ‘low price guarantee’ and ‘return policy’. With online shopping becoming more and more popular, people have become wary of purchasing anything they haven’t sensed with their five senses – if they can’t touch it or inspect it more closely, the more uncertain of the purchase they are.

Hence the three magic phrases that allow them to shop freely, without fear that they might make an irreversible mistake. Pointing out the phrases on your homepage with bold lettering, or eye-catching design will put your customers at ease and make the decision to proceed instantaneous.



Needless to say, the design of the website itself plays a near determining factor in converting visitors. The page layout needs to be clear and concise – people came to shop, not read. While descriptions for each product or service are welcome, there is no need to write a novel, use product photos instead. Think about the following:

  • What kind of lifestyle are you selling with your products?
  • Choose colors and fonts that reflect the idea behind your store
  • How intuitive and easy is the navigation?

Answer these questions and you start optimizing a tailor-made experience for your customers will be much easier.


User reviews

There are no words left to emphasize enough how important user reviews are. Word of mouth can only take you so far, and while we’re on the topic of customer reassurance, there is no better solution than implementing customer reviews. Whether on each product page or an individual one for all reviews designate a place for comments or scale ratings. Your customers don’t need a particular incentive to sign up, in order to leave their marks and comments, because we thrive on helping one another (and warning of bad products). Furthermore, people like to know their opinions are heard, which is why you simply cannot go wrong with a review system.


EKM TrustPilot review

Show your best

Your homepage can be used for more than just highlighting sales and offers, or showing new products. Try displaying the bestselling items, maybe even paired up with the user reviews, to show off just what is it that makes those products so popular. People are more likely to be drawn to large images of the finest items your store has to offer, and on that product’s landing page you can also show related ones, or those that were bought alongside the bestselling one. Try to mix and match what your home page shows, as its content doesn’t have to be exclusively one feature of your shop.


Featured products

In conclusion

Ecommerce optimization entails more than just setting up a website with a nice layout. You need to focus on what makes your website visible in search engines, and how to bump up your ranking on the search results pages. When it comes to design, simply making the site look pretty won’t be enough – think about who your target demographic is and tailor the design to them. Keep an eye on the bestselling items, then display them on your homepage, and emphasize those aspects of shopping that your customers deem most important, such as free shipping. Make it a pleasant and fun experience for potential shoppers and you will quickly see how your investment returns.



About the Author: Hannah is a freelance web developer based in Australia. She is currently cooperating with Webdel WordPress developer from Sydney. Besides coding, she love’s writing, movies and spending time outdoors.

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