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5 ways to offer exceptional customer service

When interacting with your customers, it’s important to remember that they may just tell their friends about their experience with you, and they may tell their friends and so on. We’ve seen many businesses come and go here at EKM and there’s often key indicators of businesses that are in it for the long run, and those that aren’t going to last the month. Here’s some tips on how to offer an exceptional customer service that will turn customers into brand advocates.

1. Be honest with customers

Being honest with your customers is an essential precursor to an effective working relationship. If the issue is a fault of your own, it’s important to acknowledge your (and your business’s) role in the problem.

Being honest with customers levels the playing field and helps reach a solution faster as opposed to going back and forth with who’s to blame. The faster a resolution is found the better the experience is for all parties involved.

2. Set realistic expectations

The biggest trap to fall victim of is to over-promise. Although you may set out with every intention of fulfilling the expectations you have set, as we know, other things can come up and get in the way of offering the service you have promised. Failing to meet expectations will lead to a poor experience for the customer when they would have been equally happy if the bar was set a little lower initially.

On the other hand, however, if you set expectations a little lower from the start and over deliver, customers will appreciate you going the extra mile. Find your own cadence of what you think you can offer and always try to over-deliver.

3. Be contactable through numerous channels

We live in a fast-pace 24/7 world where communication is instant and there are no excuses for being inaccessible. Customers now expect to be able to contact you on the go, via all popular channels. Although you don’t want to spread yourself too thin, try your best to be present on Email, phone (when necessary), social media channels such and Facebook and also Live Chat.

4. Empower your staff to make decisions

To offer a great customer experience, you need to ensure you’re responding to your customers quickly. You only have so much time in the day and it’s important that somebody feels comfortable taking charge when you’re absent. Empowering your customer support staff to take charge on your behalf will not only get things done faster, it will also be motivating for them.

5. Employ people with a passion for people

Your employees are spokespeople of your brand and should be treated as such. A nice person behind the phone often helps mitigate the size of the problem in your customers eyes, on the other hand a rude member of staff will make a problem bigger than it is.

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