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A lesson in SEO from Gorgeous Guineas

Do you know much about SEO? If you don’t, what you are about to learn from Gorgeous Guineas will open your eyes to some of the most simple ways to improve how well your shop ranks on search engines. If you do know a little something about the basics of SEO, you will already be aware of how valuable quality content can be for a website…


Gorgeous Guineas was set up by Chrissie in 2003 after a friend required help treating some guinea pigs with peculiar skin problems, that she had taken in to her rescue centre. Chrissie used her aromatherapy qualifications to develop some gentle treatments, consisting of three products gentle enough to use on delicate guinea pig skin, to help the rescue centre out. The shop- which currently ranks amongst the first five results on Google for a number of search terms surrounding the subject of guinea skin problems- now stocks a range of nearly 50 products and has become a hub of resource for guinea pig lovers worldwide.



Gorgeous Guineas comes in at page one on Google for a vast number of industry related search terms, just check out ‘guinea pig skincare’, ‘guinea pig skin problems’  to see an example. This is mainly due to the website containing countless pages of useful content and plenty of backlinks (links from other websites) pointing to the website.






As Chrissie built the Gorgeous Guineas website she added pages and pages of content containing information on guinea pig care. The pages discuss anything and everything guinea pig related, from general guinea pig care information to very specific information (see the links for examples) that people searching for information about guinea pig care will be interested in. The pages are genuine and useful; which is always important when adding content to a website. Useful content will encourage customers to browse a website for longer, feeding back to search engines that visitors find that website useful. That will in turn earn the website more authority in search engine rankings. Chrissie also has a WordPress blog linked to her shop that she updates regularly with the same standard of quality content. This is useful because a larger amount of pages on a website will give search engines more pages to index. Chrissie even invites her customers to send emails with any guinea pig related questions to her personal email address, this has secured the company’s position as a real hub of information that guinea pig lovers can use to find what they need.


Chrissie still works closely with the guinea pig rescue centre that she first created her products for, and now works with various centres around the country. Becoming so well known within its speciality and having such a rich source of content on the website has provided Gorgeous Guineas with a lot of backlinks (websites linking to Gorgeous Guineas). The more backlinks that point to a website, the more useful the website will be perceived by search engines.




Mobile Friendly

“As time goes by, more and more traffic is coming via mobile devices, along with orders.”

Chrissie pays a lot of attention to mobile commerce. This should be one of the first things a website owner considers when looking to improve on SEO. A lot of the email queries that Gorgeous Guineas receives are from customers that have taken a picture of their pets using a mobile device. Seeing the problem in picture form allows Chrissie to take a look at what products the customer needs and reply with advice and a link to send them straight to the product on her mobile optimised shop. Offering an accessible service like this will not only improve SEO but will also improve the buying experience for customers. Visit the Gorgeous Guineas mobile shop on a mobile device to see how great it looks.




The future

Although Chrissie has seen a lot of success with Gorgeous Guineas, she still has plenty goals for the future. Next Chrissie is looking to set up a frequently asked questions section to her website and tighten up her company branding.

If you’ve got a story to tell, get in touch via the comments section below.

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