5 of the best business card designs (with templates)


When it comes to setting up your new business there are a lot of things to consider, particularly when it comes to how your business is going to look and feel. Branding plays a huge part in creating a business and getting it right can help you to be memorable.

One part of your branding is your business card. Something that’s been around for decades and used to network and spread awareness about businesses but choosing the right design for your business can prove difficult. So we’ve put together a list of our top 5 picks for business card designs and we’ve even thrown in some free to download templates too!

Keeping it simple with this black and white design

If you’re looking to keep it simple and to the point then this minimalistic black and white business card is for you. The addition of a QR code is a great touch, particularly in today’s world and can help direct people to another platform other than your website such as your most popular social media account.


Credit: Business Card Journal

Download this template here

A clearer vision with this business card design

If your business logo looks great on a white background or you have colours that really pop, why not try out a translucent business card. Still in keeping with a simplistic design, this type of business card can really be an eye-catcher, especially if you ensure that the plastic used is fully recyclable or reusable showing your support for sustainability – a great commodity to have as a business today.


Credit: PSD Boom

Download this template here

A minimalistic view with this business card

If your business branding is more minimalist then this business card might be the right one for you. A simplistic yet beautiful design, this template will help to provide an elegant and professional style to your business card.


Credit: Envaro Elements

Download this template here

Getting crafty with this cute business card design

With this fully customisable crafty business card, your handmade crafts business is bound to stand out. With fully editable colours and 100% customisable this template will be able to display your branding perfectly.


Credit: Dribble

Download this template here

Something a little more outside the box

If you can it’s always good to try something a little outside the box that really represents your business, especially this business card which has been printed on a cotton pad and is perfect for a dermatologist.


Credit: Jukebox

This business card for a bicycle shop has been made out of stainless steel and cut in a way to act as certain tools for maintaining your bike.

industry specific - bike tool

Credit: Rethink Canada

This business card is such a unique idea that immediately lets you know what that person does.


Image courtesy of Imgur, lordla

Lastly, a very unique idea perfect for any skate shop and most likely inspired by small skateboard toys.

skateboard - business card

Credit: Jukebox

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