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Autumnal themes to incorporate into your newsletter, blog and email campaigns

When you think about the month of October you likely think of falling leaves, rich earthy tones, pumpkins and maybe even Halloween! October is all about Autumn colours and harvest themes. Along with these trends come a variety of opportunities to take advantage of this seasonal shift in marketing your business, whether in your blog, email campaigns or on social media. Read on to learn more about how you can create content to market your business this October!

Social good / spreading awareness

October is host to several great causes that you may want to get behind if it fits your business values and ethos. Of these the most well known are Fair Trade Month (US), Bullying Prevention Month, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If any of these causes resonate with you or your customer base, consider thinking of ways you can contribute to the fight.

Consider donating a portion of proceeds for the month to one of these causes, or if your margins aren’t very wide, perhaps do some volunteer work for an organization that relates to your chosen cause. If you choose to donate or take part, make sure to post about it on your social media and in your email marketing, encouraging your customers to take part too!

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

Support Breast Cancer Awareness with Us!
Join us this October to Stop Bullying
Raise money for XYZ by shopping with us this October
Ways to support Fair Trade Month with [Business Name]

Nature / the great outdoors

Take your cues from the falling leaves and changing weather, and incorporate an earthy feel into your marketing efforts. Now is the time to use deep warm tones (think of reds, golds, and browns to match the leaves) and choose visuals that appeal to your outdoorsy side.

If you have a product that lends itself to autumn activities, be sure to feature it! There are also ample “fall” puns to be used.

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

Fall in love with Cosy Knits
Stock up with fall favourites
Rake in the savings this fall
Autumn is here, and so are New Arrivals 🍂

Half term

October is host to half-term, which means parents will once again have their little ones home from school. If you sell something that is related to activities that parents can do with their children, this is a great opportunity to promote your products!

Additionally, many parents will take time off over half term to travel with their family, so consider pushing any products you may have that relate to travel.

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

Half Term? Half off! 50% off fall favourites
5 autumn activities for little ones
Make your half term stay-cation the best yet!

Halloween / trick or treating

Of course Halloween is the most well-known part of October. While it isn’t as big in the UK as it is in the US, it seems to grow in popularity each year! If you ask me, it’s the perfect excuse to fully embrace Halloween puns and spooky themes. Think of skeletons, bats, pumpkins, witches and more. The more you can incorporate into your social media posts, website banners and email marketing, the better!

Of course you should be promoting any Halloween-themed products you offer throughout the month of October. However if you don’t have any themed items you could still consider a small sale around the 31st!

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

Big deals: No tricks, all treats!
👻Spooky Savings – Up to 50% off
Happy Halloween! Our treat to you…
Celebrate Halloween with our terrifyingly good offers

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