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Long before I started at EKM, way before the days of mortgages and families, I used to be in a punk rock band. My role in the band was the bass player, and I was pretty good at it! As an independent band, each band member did much more than just play an instrument, we ran the band as a business and I was also in charge of the merchandise. We had all the normal things you would expect, t-shirts, stickers, posters and of course CD’s! I remember opening the 1st box of t-shirts with the band logo on thinking ‘We’ve made it!’ We would sell merchandise to earn fuel money to get to the next venue on tour, but we would also give merchandise away. It was a great way to spread awareness of who we were, what we stood for and where we are headed.

Brand is much more than just a memorable logo, it helps you connect with your customers emotionally. Brand also extends much further than your company logo; it should run consistently throughout your business, whether that’s your website, uniform or marketing collateral, your brand is how your customers perceive you, it’s the lifeblood of your creation and should form the core of all you do. One of the key elements making up your brand awareness activities should be the inclusion of promotional branded merchandise.

Promotional and branded products have been a popular choice for building brand awareness for many years. Let’s take a look at Coca-Cola for example. The Coca-Cola Company are without question the kings of branded merchandise. For many years Coca-Cola enthusiasts have spent thousands of pounds on purchasing and collecting branded items that once upon a time would have been given away for free to promote the core product. Recently, a vintage Coca-Cola fountain was purchased by a private collector for $4.5 million dollars!


Both FedEx and Google have retail stores at various company offices selling their branded merchandise. I know personally I have lost count of the times I get asked to try and get people a coveted book or pen from the Google Offices! And let us not forget the famous Meerkats who love all things comparison; I would be very surprised if you don’t know someone with a cuddly Aleksandr or Sergi toy lurking around the house! The point to all this is that people form an emotional attachment to branded merchandise. Be that a decent quality pen with your company logo on, or an extremely expensive soda fountain!

‘Promotional merchandise is too expensive!’ I hear you all say. Well, The British Promotional Merchandise Association conducted a survey that provided evidence showing there is a direct correlation between promotional product advertising, improvements in brand recognition and that such advertising activities are directly linked to an increase in core product sales. There is also evidence to suggest this form of advertising yields extremely high returns on investment. The study focused on 15,000 people who received a free promotional product who then went on to engage with and purchase from the company featured on that free promotional product. Let’s take a look at the facts…


• 66% of participants could recall the brand on the promotional product
• 79% of participants would do business with that company again
• 87% kept the promotional item for over 1 year
• Over 75% of participants said their impression of the company improved after receiving a promotional product
There are various ways promotional products can be used and distributed. They can be used in core product promotions, prizes in competitions to boost interaction with your audience, free giveaways at exhibitions, the list really is endless. One thing is for sure, if you are not making the most out of having branded promotional merchandise, your competitors will be


EKM have recently teamed up with Everything Branded UK to offer EKM merchants exclusive access to some of the hottest promotional products around. The best part is that there are no minimum order quantities that other major suppliers insist on! Everything Branded have also given EKM merchants access to their in house logo design service, so if your existing logo needs a spruce up, or you have not yet decided on a logo and need some pro advice, Everything Branded are on hand to help.

Now we know how important and crucial promotional and branded merchandise can be, why would it not form part of your current or future brand awareness campaigns? Not only will it present your brand in a professional and quirky way, it will go towards boosting those ever important sales! Who would have thought that a biro with you brand on could add to that all crucial bottom line.

EKM customers can enjoy 30% off all branded merchandise here: https://www.everythingbranded-ekm.co.uk/

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