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Changes to EKM

Over the past few months we’ve made some exciting changes to the EKM platform and to our wider business. From our brand and pricing, through to our service model and the product itself. We’ve built an incredibly large and amazingly successful community of eCommerce businesses over the past decade, and now we’re evolving what we do to help our customers and ourselves grow even further.

A new brand!

We’re officially dropping the ‘powershop’ and calling ourselves what everybody else calls us anyway – EKM! You may have noticed recently, a new logo and new styling applied to your EKM account and the old website. This was phase 1 of our rebrand.

A completely new website

This week we unveiled a brand new website with a new proposition and a change of focus from ‘simply software’ to ‘people who make the software great’. That’s you, the customer and that’s us, the eCommerce Experts! (Check it out when you get a moment on www.ekm.com).

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be changing our domain to ekm.com as we say goodbye to ekmPowershop for good. Don’t worry if you access your account via bookmarks to the existing ekm.com domain, as that will still work with a simple redirect we’ll be putting in place.

You’ll notice a real change in focus if you do peruse the new website. Software doesn’t build websites, people do. And this is probably the biggest change to what we’re doing at EKM…

Duty of care

We’ve been working on EKM values quite a lot recently, and one of the biggest values we as a business are now embracing is a ‘duty of care’. This essentially means each and every member of the EKM team MUST act when they see a website that could be better. With tens of thousands of customers, this is a huge but extremely valuable step for the better, for everyone. If we make our customers more successful then we will be a bigger and better eCommerce provider.

Evolution mode

Powered partly by artificial intelligence and by the in-house Evolution Team, any websites that look tired, have usability issues or quite simply could be better (and therefore more successful) will go through Evolution Mode. Your shop will optimise and upgrade itself whilst you concentrate on growing your business.  

Kickstart Coaches

Every new customer regardless of pricing plan is now assigned a Kickstart Coach. The Kickstart Coaches are there to help customers get set up the right way. If you’re new to eCommerce then these guys are basically your guardian angels. If you’re an experienced eCommerce business but new to EKM, then use your Kickstart Coach to tackle any advanced stuff or fill any knowledge gaps. Or you might want to jump straight to our eCommerce Experts account management team…

eCommerce Experts

We’ve introduced eCommerce Experts, who are a team of account managers for our bigger customers. Why’s this? To be truthful, we see so many websites do well in the beginning which simply fade away over time, as shop owners genuinely struggle to keep up with the demands of marketing and managing an eCommerce business in an ever changing landscape. So now you can let us worry about keeping your website current, and you can get on with running your business. Ecommerce Experts are assigned to every customer on the new ‘Advanced’ plan.

New Pricing Plans

For brand new customers, we’re introducing 3 price plans to make all the new changes work. See our new pricing page for the Plans which come in 3 flavours – Startup, Growing and Established. We also have a ‘Pro’ (Price on Application) package for Enterprise level users.

Does that mean I have to pay more?

Existing customers need not worry, as we’ll be honouring your existing feature set for the lifetime of your shop on the current price of £24.99 per month. The exception to this will be the biggest shops on the EKM network, where we’ll be imposing the turnover limit and putting busier shops on the appropriate package. This affects a tiny proportion of the current base, so 98% of all existing EKM customers will keep what they have for the same price, unless they wish to upgrade in the future.

We’re excited to be more than a platform, more than a software vendor, and more than an ordinary eCommerce provider can ever be. We’re a team of experts, larger than any other in the UK. Together with our award-winning platform we believe our customers will outshine those who do it themselves with other software that looks, works and smells the same as all the other solutions available on the market. Software doesn’t build websites, people do. Let’s build yours together.



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