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Checkout forecast: Early predictions

As the new ekmPowershop checkout is rolled out, early figures indicate that conversion rate increases are sweeping across the platform…


ekmPowershop is conducting a study that will measure just how much of an improvement  the new checkout has made to ekmPowershop users’ shops. The study is still in the early stages with the final results to be shared early next year- but today the research team is sharing a look into the early findings.

For this study the research team is gathering data from a small sample of users to compare the rate of conversion (visitors that made a purchase) users have been experiencing whilst using the new checkout on their shops, against the rate of conversion these users had before the checkout update was released.

The results so far show an average conversion rate increase of 38%, with the lowest increase in conversion rate standing at 13% and the highest at 63%. The results show a significant rate of increase in conversions across all shops and indicate towards an excellent final result.




The research team have accounted for the time of year when collecting data and the shops sampled do not sell particularly seasonal goods. The lowest conversion rate increase of 13% was seen on a gas safety equipment retailer and the highest conversion rate improvement was of 63% on a plumbing supplies shop .

Although the shops are not classically seasonal, the data takes into account the possibility of a successful Black Friday in ecommerce improving sales. The data gathering was paused for the entirety of Black Friday week.

This early preview forms a small part of a larger study that will be published in the new year. As the new checkout continues to be rolled on a phased release, the research team hopes to share only more results of conversion rate increases.


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