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January content marketing ideas for newsletters, blogs and email


A brand new year is on the horizon, with new goals to set and accomplishments to achieve. Creating content marketing ideas for a brand new year can be an exciting venture. Today we’re going to be exploring a few different ideas to maximise your content marketing ideas for January.

Video Marketing

Video skyrocketed in 2020 with many businesses and customers using video to continue their regular activities. Online clothing retailers were using it for booking virtual consultations with customers as well as conducting Facebook lives to follow along with virtual classes and tutorials.

Particularly with the new year, people may be looking for ways to help them with their new year’s resolutions. And your videos, whether they be on Instagram, YouTube or directly on your online shop, can help answer their questions.

Video isn’t just an up and coming form of media for businesses and content creators. It can also help your SEO efforts for your online shop and is a great way to build engagement with an audience.

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

  • Join our live tutorial on [topic], today!
  • Get the latest look from this season’s favs!
  • Sign up for our masterclass on [topic]

January Sales 

Perhaps one of the more popular themes this month is January sales. If you’re planning to run sales on your online shop during January, you’ll want to make sure you have your discounts set up, as well as any promotional banners and posts on social media.

Email marketing here is going to be one of your best tools for drumming up sales. Perhaps offer your loyal customers or those who sign up to your newsletter an extra gift with their order or additional discount when they spend over a certain amount on your shop.

You can get advice about email marketing from our experts and they can even help you get a campaign set up for the January sales. Find out more about email marketing here.

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

  • Exclusive extra 10% off when you spend £50!
  • FREE gift for reward programme members in our January sales!
  • January Sales start early at [business name]!

New Year Resolutions

The new year is when most people will set out their goals and resolutions for the year. You can do something similar for your business. With the trend of sustainability growing within the business sector, if you don’t already, look into and perhaps pledge to make your packaging sustainable going forward.

You can use this to create content for your social media channels and ask your customers and followers what their resolutions and goals are for the year. Shoppers who are conscious of the environment will appreciate the pledge to improve your businesses carbon footprint and you may find that you attract new customers in the process.

A study recently revealed that 80% of respondents said sustainability is important to them and over 70% said they would pay a premium of 35% on average.

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

  • Let’s have a fresh start in 2021 [firstname]…
  • Our pledge for 2021, from us to the planet
  • 5 things we’re doing differently this year

New Arrivals & Coming Soon

A fresh start in a new year can also mean fresh new arrivals to your product lines. Aside from your January sales, you could start to plan a launch campaign for your newly arrived product lines.

New arrival and coming soon campaigns can help pique the interest of your customers, particularly if you keep engaging with them on both your social media platforms, email and online shop. If you’re able to drum up enough interest through your campaigns (particularly if you do a countdown style campaign) your customers are more likely to be at the ready the moment your new product launches.

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

  • [firstname], you don’t want to miss this…
  • We handpicked some things, just for you [firstname]…
  • Say goodbye to your exclusive 20% offer…


We hope these content marketing ideas have helped inspire you for your January content.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up your own online shop, you can speak to our ecommerce experts on 0333 004 0333 or request a callback here.
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