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Coronavirus Crisis or Opportunity?

The coronavirus is very worrying and like everyone else on the planet, I am worried. I am worried for the safety of my family and for my older relatives who are at even more risk.

I have seen first hand in the past week close friends lose their jobs. I’ve spoken to friends with businesses who have seen their sales drop off a cliff and are having to lay people off (even temporarily).

I’ve watched stock markets around the world collapse wiping billions of dollars off some of the best well-known businesses and seriously hitting peoples personal pensions and investments.

It’s bad.

So we all have a choice… We let panic and fear paralyse us. We let the fear of saying something someone might deem negative or opportunistic paralyse us. We let the negs beat our team down, our customers down and our suppliers down.

Or we stick to our mission and values and continue to push forward.

We seek the positive for our customers and suppliers in the sea of negativity.

If we do that we can see that it’s potentially a massive opportunity for many of us, maybe one of the biggest opportunities for online retailers ever in the history of ecommerce.

Ecommerce accounts for just 20% of commerce. Most retail is offline on the high street, retail parks, shopping centres etc…

However, with the coronavirus people are not going on the high street. There is a very big chance that we will all be working from home and not going out for the considerable future.

Even if it’s only two weeks that’s two weeks where online doesn’t have to compete with offline.

That’s a massive opportunity.

Even if delivery networks stop. Even if supply lines stop. People will still be spending their time looking online.

That’s a massive opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to get more eyeballs on your brand. On your website. On your social media. On your content.

Even if you can’t actually get stuff you can still research it, buy into the brand and get it later.

There has never been a better opportunity to start pumping out content and to drive people to your website and your brand.

Now is the time to double down on your marketing, now is the time to build a brand!

We each have to remain respectful and choose our words wisely but we either look at this negatively or positively… that’s our choice as individuals, as teams and as businesses and I believe we should look at the opportunity and the positive.

This isn’t about profiteering from a crisis this is about making the most of a bad situation because regardless to what is going on in the world businesses and their customers and suppliers need to earn money to provide for their families and employees.

We will continue to support them on their journey to run a successful online shop as we do every day.

What are you waiting for?

Your own successful online shop is just a click away