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To develop your business, start with yourself

Preston-based entrepreneur Antony Chesworth, founder of ecommerce software business EKM, explains that the most important challenge any business leader can face is to fulfil their own potential.

I started my business in 2002 in my back bedroom, and since then EKM has helped over 70,000 online shops setup worldwide, and we now employ more than 80 talented people at our custom-built state-of-the-art Fulwood offices.

The business has been through phenomenal changes in 15 years, which has meant I’ve had to change to face the challenges and opportunities along the way.

When I started out, my only tools were my PC and my ideas. Over time, I’ve had to adapt to recruiting, managing and leading people; making major investment decisions; managing acquisitions and collaborations with partner businesses. I’ve had to acquire new skills, learn from those who’ve been on this journey before me, and become the leader that EKM needed.

I’m a great believer that no matter how much time, energy and money you invest in developing your business, the impact will be limited if you are not also working on developing yourself. It sounds selfish, but it isn’t.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with Brad Burton, the best-selling author and founder of 4networking – a national networking club, to deliver an inspiring motivational seminar to help other Lancashire entrepreneurs who are developing themselves and their businesses.

The MO2V8 seminar will take place on October 10 at EKM’s events space in Fulwood, Preston. They are aimed at business owners, managers and decision makers.

I’ll share my experiences from EKM’s growth journey and how we overcame the challenges we faced along the way.

Brad is a truly inspirational speaker who delivers unforgettable, high-energy performances where you are sure to learn a great deal from his wisdom, insight and enthusiasm.

Each seminar includes networking with other businesses, two keynote speakers, a Q&A session with us both, a self-development workshop and a free copy of Brad’s latest book, Now What? which he will sign.

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