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Do I need an FAQ page?

Have you ever tried placing a test order on your online shop? Did you find it easy? If you have any difficulty using your shop, be under no illusion that your customers will struggle as well.

A good way to overcome this is to create an FAQ section that will help customers along their buying journey if they get stuck. First, you will need to do a full audit of your online shop and find what the buying experience would be like for a customer. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is my shop welcoming with a nice consistent design?
  2. Do I have clearly labeled CTA’s (Calls To Action)
  3. How many categories do I have and are they clearly labeled and easy to navigate?
  4. Will customers know where to go if they want a particular product?

No matter how easy you make your shopping experience, there are always going to be technophobes that struggle to use it. Here is how to create a valuable FAQ section to prevent people abandoning your shop:


To create a new webpage on your ekmPowershop, head over to Design > Webpages. You will then need to name your new webpage ‘FAQ’ and select Add Webpage.


faq webpage1


Once you have created your new webpage, select Edit Page and you can then start building your FAQ section.

The next step is to make a list and answer the most frequently asked questions that you get from your customers. Here are a few examples:

-Do you offer free delivery?

-What is your returns policy?

-How can I create an account?

The perfect FAQ section


1. Respect the customer’s time

In today’s fast paced world, people value time more than anything. Ensure that your FAQ answers are short and to the point whilst still offering as much value as possible.

2. Easy on the eyes

Obscurity is your worst enemy. If customers cannot clearly see where one question ends and another starts, it will make navigating your FAQ’s an arduous task which may lose you the sale. If you’re new to web design, ensure you have the following at the very least:

-Clearly labeled, bold titles

-Deliberate spacing between questions

-Easy to ready font


3. Maintenance is key

Ensuring that your FAQ section is up to date with your online shop is essential. What is true now may not be in 3 months time and feeding customers wrong information will lead to confusion.


4. Order of priority

It is important to place your most frequently asked question in a primary position. If you know a large number of customers are looking for the same answer, make it easy for them.

Below are examples of how the big players of eCommerce layout their FAQ page:




Do you have any examples of a great FAQ page? Maybe it’s yours. Share them in the comments section below.

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