Why do I need an About Us page on my online shop?

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An About Us Page is needed on your online shop because:

  • It’s a place where your customers can read about the story of your business and your brand;
  • It gives customers a chance to form a relationship with your company;
  • If you’re a small company, this is essential, as not everyone will know about your brand.

Next to a Contact Us page on your online shop, an About Us page is essential for both fleshing out your content and giving customers a place to read some background information on your business, brand and products. This is recommended as it encourages visitors to form a relationship with your brand and become loyal customers.

Your About Us page should include the answer to questions like:

  • When did your business start?
  • What made you go into business – was it a hobby, an interest, your previous career, etc.?
  • Where are you located?
  • Give a timeline of sorts if you can – so when did you first start trading online, when did you get your first member of staff, when did you open your physical shop, etc.
  • What makes your business different from its competitors?
  • What are your company values?

When you’re writing the story of your business down in the form of a timeline, aim to write for human readers. Search engines will list this page as it contains a lot of content, but it’s the human visitors you’re aiming to attract here.


  • Summarise your business and brand in a single paragraph – ideally three or four paragraphs – about 800 words is ideal;
  • No matter how commonplace your products may be, don’t assume that everyone knows what they are;
  • Have a text-only page – break it up with some images.


  • Include photos to break up large bodies of text and make the page easier to digest;
  • Include people – as well as products – in the photos;
  • Include your company values – if you have some – this will help align you with the values of potential customers;
  • Write for human beings to read – some potential customers will actively search out this page to read more about you.

Remember – once your About Us page is written and published, this is useful for you too – as you can refer to text on this page and copy the text out. Be sure to check on the page every few months to update it with anything additional that’s happened within your company since the original text was written.

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