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Wix ecommerce pricing can be slightly confusing as there are a lot of options to choose from. Which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to Wix pricing. So you can make an informed decision about your online shop or website.

Wix ecommerce pricing overview

Wix’s pricing starts from just £6 per month and ranges up to £22 per month. Here’s an overview of all of their plans, from non-ecommerce plans to ecommerce plans which we’ll look into more detail later on.

PlanPrice (per month)Best For
VIP£18Priority support
Unlimited£8.50Entrepreneurs and freelancers
Combo£6Personal use
Connect Domain£3Most basic
Business VIP£22Full suite
Business Unlimited£16Growing a business
Business Basic£13Accepting online payments

Whichever plan you choose will heavily depend upon what you need from your website or ecommerce shop. Whether you’re a freelancer looking to host a portfolio of work or looking to sell your handmade goods online, let’s look into the plans in a little more detail.


Non-ecommerce website plans

Looking in detail at each of their non-ecommerce plans, you can start to see what features and services you’ll get for each.

VIPUnlimitedComboConnect Domain
£18 p/m£8.50 p/m£6 p/m£3 p/m
Custom domainYesYesYesYes
Free domain (1 year)YesYesYes
Remove Wix adsYesYesYes
Free SSL CertificateYesYesYesYes
Storage space35GB10GB3GB500MB
Video hours5 hours1 hour30 minutes
£75 ad voucherYesYesYes
Site booster appYesYes
Visitor analyticsYesYes
Professional logoYes
Social media logo filesYes
Customer carePriority customer care24/7 customer care24/7 customer care24/7 customer care

With Wix, most plans have some form of limitation to them. Meaning that if you really need a particular feature or service such as a professional logo or more bandwidth or storage – then you’re going to be pushed up to the higher priced plans.

If your website then receives a high increase in traffic or you need more video storage, this will either cost you more on your monthly plan or will restrict you from adding as much video content, for example.

However, these plans are good if you’re just starting out but watch out for things like how much storage space you’ve used etc. With platforms like EKM, we don’t restrict any of our customers when it comes to video content and with us, there’s no limit on bandwidth or storage space. We like to keep our plans as simple and easy to understand as possible.

Why not take a look at our plans where everything you need to set up an online shop is included.

Ecommerce website plans

Their ecommerce plans, however, are a bit different and provide a lot more features and services. If you’re looking to sell products online, this is a better option – but not perfect.

Business VIPBusiness UnlimitedBusiness Basic
£22 p/m£16 p/m£13 p/m
Secure online paymentsYesYesYes
Plans & recurring paymentsYesYesYes
Customer accountsYesYesYes
Custom domainYesYesYes
Free domain (1 year)YesYesYes
Remove Wix adsYesYesYes
Storage space50GB35GB20GB
Video hoursUnlimited10 hours5 hours
£75 ad voucherYesYesYes
Customised reportsYes
Customer carePriority customer care24/7 customer care24/7 customer care
Unlimited productsYesYesYes
Abandoned cart recoveryYesYesYes
Multiple currenciesYesYes
Automated sales tax500 transactions/mo100 transactions/mo
Advanced shippingYesYes
Sell on social channelsYesYesYes
Sell on marketplacesYesYes
Dropshipping by ModalystUnlimited productsUp to 250 products
Product reviews by KudoBuzz3,000 reviews1,000 reviews
Loyalty programme by Smile.ioYes

Are they good for ecommerce businesses?

Again, some of their ecommerce plans are restricted with their features and services. And if you want those for your business then it forces you up to the higher priced plans.

Their Business Basic plan is enough for most ecommerce businesses to get started with and at a modest £13, it’s not going to set you back too much. Although with this plan there are no commission fees charged by Wix, other than your payment gateway transaction costs.

Their Business Unlimited would suit larger more established businesses with features such as their automated sales tax, label printing, dropshipping and product reviews. And lastly their Business VIP plan is really valuable for business owners who need fast support and higher limits for things like dropshipping.

Overall, while Wix’s plans aren’t a bad place to start, if you’re an ecommerce business you may find yourself quickly paying for more than you signed up for. Which is why with EKM, all our plans are a fixed monthly cost, with no hidden extras or charges. Our customer support team is also world class, offering support 7 days a week along with a whole host of guides for everything you need to run a successful online shop.

Now that we’ve looked at Wix’s plans let’s look a bit deeper into some of the other services you can get from Wix.

Domain cost


As a new customer to Wix you can receive a free domain for a year, with selected premium plans. When you sign up for a premium plan, you’re offered a voucher for your free domain, which you can redeem.

The voucher provided entitles you to a free domain for one year. After that if you wish to keep your domain, you will need to pay for any additional years you want to add to your subscription. When you do this the cost will vary depending on the TLD (Top Level Domains) which are the letters that come after the period i.e. ‘.com’.

You can also connect as many domains as you’d like to your Wix website or up to 6 domains that were purchased from another domain provider. Your primary domain will connect to your site and any other additional domains will redirect to your primary domain.

If you already own a domain you can transfer it to Wix which usually takes less than 48 hours but transferring can take up to 7 days.

Email address cost

When it comes to email addresses with Wix, they have partnered up with G Suite which is Google’s Gmail for Businesses. This enables you to create a business email account using Google within Wix’s dashboard.

Custom email addresses start from around $5.00 per month if you decide on a month-to-month plan. A small discount is applied to your email cost when you purchase an annual plan. A business email address is a great way to ensure consistency across your business and gives an air of professionalism.

Email marketing is an essential part of any business and can not only help you communicate with customers but also increase your engagement with an email newsletter, inform customers of new product launches and other email marketing campaigns too.

Wix app costs


Wix’s App Market hosts a whole range of apps that you can add to your ecommerce shop. From Marketing to Design and apps to help you generate leads, analyse your traffic and communicate with your customers.

Most of these apps are free to install to your Wix website, but they also have paid apps too. The price for these premium apps range between $3 and $20 per month and some come with a free trial. However, depending on how many apps you need to add to your site, this can quickly become very expensive.

As an EKM customer, our plans include everything you need from shop analytics, to customer email notifications and features like ‘product urgency’ as well as many partner integrations.

Wix ascend

Wix Ascend is their complete Marketing & Customer Management Suite. Prices for Wix Ascend start from their free plan which is pre-installed, up to £34.06 per month for their Unlimited plan.

Limited PlanBasic PlanProfessional PlanUnlimited Plan
Free£6.95 per month£16.68 per month£34.06 per month
Send 3 Ascend branded email campaigns5 email campaigns20 email campaignsUnlimited email campaigns
5 forms with limited features10 forms with unlimited fields20 forms with unlimited fieldsUnlimited form features
Chatbox with Ascend brandingPersonalised chat boxPersonalised chat boxPersonalised chat box
2 automations7 automations20 automationsUnlimited automations
3 social posts5 social posts20 social postsUnlimited social posts
4 videos5 videos10 videos15 videos
Collect 5 recurring paymentsCollect 5 recurring paymentsCollect unlimited recurring paymentsCollect unlimited recurring payments
Customise business tools and remove Ascend brandingAssign contacts & tasks to 5 contributorsAssign contacts & tasks to unlimited contributors
Schedule email and social postsCustomise business tools and remove Ascend brandingCustomise business tools and remove Ascend branding
Accept payments through chat and formsSchedule email and social postsSchedule email and social posts
Accept payments through chat and formsAccept payments through chat and forms
Get VIP customer support

The business tools within Wix Ascend are great if you’re trying to grow traffic, gain customer insights, boost engagement and conversions and manage your business. However, if you require more videos for your site or any of the features on the higher plan, this again will push up your monthly costs.

Which is why at EKM, everything is included in our plans and we work on a shared success model. So when your business is growing and successful, we give you the tools and support you need, exactly when you need it.

What to look out for

When it comes to comparing ecommerce and website solutions there are a few things you need to keep in mind and look out for.

While some solutions may look cheaper than others on the surface. It’s most likely that any extra tools you need will be an additional cost on top of the initial monthly plan price. This can end up quickly adding up and become more expensive than other providers on the market.

But you’ll want to do your own research and be thorough about what tools and add ons you may need before you get stuck into your website. And if later down the line you decide that another solution may be a better option than the one you have and is cheaper, moving your website or ecommerce shop can be time consuming and difficult.

How does EKM compare?


Whichever EKM plan you choose, you’ll have all the tools and features you need to start selling online. Our plans start from just £32.49 +VAT per month and give you a fully operational shop with no hidden costs.

Secondly, EKM has a 6-month money-back guarantee so you really have the time to get to know the platform, set up your shop the way you want and see if we’re the right fit. EKM also has lots of fully optimised themes to choose from as well as a UK based support team who are available 7 days a week.

Our support doesn’t stop there. We have a great Support Centre full of guides covering the basics of Marketing, Design and Platform features. Our blog is also another great resource for business owners, with unlimited advice on ecommerce selling, marketing, advertising and more.

We also are very proud of our 5 star customer rating on Trustpilot, so why not see what all the fuss is about? Learn more about why you should consider EKM for your online business.


Do I need to pay for hosting with Wix?

No you do not need to pay for hosting with Wix. It is included in your plan.

How much does a Wix domain cost?

You can get a domain free for the first year, but after that domain costs annually are around $14.95 per year. However, prices can vary.

Does Wix have any hidden costs?

Their additional services like Ascend and other Wix Apps may end up costing you more on top of your monthly plan and there is an auto-renewal at the end of the year. This can be turned off in your account settings.

Does Wix have a free trial?

Wix does have a free plan which you can stay on as long as you like but it is very restrictive.

Does Wix have a money back guarantee?

Yes, Wix has a 14 day money back guarantee so you can test out their platform to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Learn more about our ecommerce plans and get started with a free 14-day trial here.

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