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 Mo2v8 – Brad Burton & Antony Chesworth Live Together – 10th October 2018

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Are you chasing new company goals? Driving change? Trying to re-motivate your teams? Whatever your business aims are, let Mo2v8 be the event to offer you a different perspective and challenge the way you think.

Join two of the most influential and motivational keynote speakers in the UK Brad Burton and Antony Chesworth, as they take to the stage to share their entrepreneurial expertise in an entertaining and engaging environment.

Brad Burton is the UK’s no 1 motivational speaker and founder of international business networking group 4networking, and author of 4 best selling business books. His story is truly inspirational, and he brings unforgettable high-energy levels to each and every event he hosts.

Antony Chesworth started his business EKM in 2002. He started with nothing but a laptop, perseverance, and a passion to allow everyone to spend life doing something they love. Fast forward 16 years, EKM is now the biggest ecommerce platform in the UK employing over 80 staff, and powering over 10,000 online shops.

Both Brad and Antony have one key thing in common; they proved others wrong who doubted their ideas. Together, they’re guaranteed to help you believe in your abilities and see how you can be successful too, leaving you feeling energised and inspired.

If you want to invest in your team and teach yourself new techniques, then get yourself down to Mo2v8, you’ll even get a free copy of Brad Burton’s best selling book – Now What!

What to Expect

The event will be broken down into two sessions, so you will have the choice of attending the morning or afternoon session. Breakfast or lunch will be provided accordingly.

  • Start by networking in a relaxed environment with a magician to break the ice
  • First keynote speaker Antony Chesworth
  • Second keynote speaker Brad Burton
  • Q&A time
  • Self development workshop
  • Book signing opportunity and networking