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EKM helps develop tomorrow’s leaders through Global Entrepreneurship Week

UK based ecommerce platform EKM offered a helping hand to school children taking their first steps on the path to becoming entrepreneurs.

EKM was a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which encompasses 35,000 events in more than 170 countries and encourages more than 10 million people to develop the skills required to launch a business.

EKM’s Alison Chesworth took part in a week-long programme of events organised by Hull City Council in partnership with Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership.

The youngsters – many entrepreneurs of tomorrow among them – enjoyed workshops which included inspirational talks from experienced business owners, the opportunity to design a new product for a local caravan company, and a chance to launch a business with a £150 loan.

Alison helped a group of 200 secondary school children with a range of activities and assisted as they put their newfound knowledge to work in a fierce competition of business skills. She was part of the judging panel that assigned cash prizes to the competition’s winners.

Alison said: “EKM has been involved with Global Entrepreneurship Week for the last five years and we’re proud to have been a part of the great events organised in Hull this year.

“Our whole organisation and the service we provide is designed to enable everyday people to turn their passions into money-making businesses. But before that can happen, people need to be inspired to pursue their dreams, to be educated about the possibility of forging your own path, and then to be equipped with the skills to turn the ambition into reality.

“Global Entrepreneurship Week is a fantastic and effective way of meeting these objectives. And with special events organised for young people, unemployed people and young carers, it has a positive impact on a broad range of people, including those that need assistance the most. Our whole team is thrilled to have the opportunity to give something back.”


Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place around the world each November and more details can be found at genglobal.org

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