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EKM Welcomes New Hires Virtually During COVID-19

We welcomed 4 new team members this month across 3 departments; Sales, Customer Service and Business Development.

We’re pleased to introduce our new team members, Charlotte Dulley Customer Support, Ryan Hewitt Business Development Manager, Jessica McCartney Customer Support and Sophie Walker Account Manager, all joined the team whilst in lockdown and working remotely.

Let’s hear a little bit more from them!

Charlotte Dulley, Customer Support Advisor

Charlotte is based in Goosnargh, Preston, and joined EKM as a Customer Support Advisor. Before joining EKM she worked in primary schools all over Preston, helping to manage children with learning difficulties and behavioral problems.

“I got an itch to try something completely new and different, and at the recommendation of my lovely friend Sara, I applied to work for EKM”.

“Despite learning everything from home, these first few weeks have been great. Everyone on the 1st Line team has been so helpful and really put me at ease, so I’m never scared to ask stupid questions! I’ve become accustomed to working from home and am actually really enjoying it now. There are plenty of things that I am unsure of, different questions come in every single day but I’m learning and with the help of the team I’ll get there!”.

Having never had the opportunity to work from home, Charlotte is looking forward to the challenge. She is also a fully-qualified makeup artist and barber and also has several ICT, behavioral, and sign language qualifications.

“I’m always looking to learn new skills and add more strings to my bow”.

Jessica McCartney, Ecommerce Advisor

Jessica is based in Leyland, and while she hasn’t worked in an ecommerce specific role before she has helped many businesses to grow.

It’s been brilliant so far. The team is fantastic, extremely helpful, and friendly making it much easier to train remotely. I have enjoyed learning all about the platform and what you can do with your online shop – there is a lot to learn!! I am still unsure about lots of things, however, every one of my questions that is answered by the team gets me a little closer to where I want to be”.

“I am also excited about getting out of my comfort zone. I have never done something like this before, so going from working in an office 9-5 to working remotely and joining murder mystery zoom calls on a Friday afternoon does take some getting used to! “

Jessica is also a fully qualified personal trainer and enjoys leading an active lifestyle including walking her 14 week old German Shepherd puppy Wilbur, hiking, and going to gym classes (pre-lockdown) such as spin and yoga.

Ryan Hewitt, Business Development Manager

Ryan, also Preston based joined EKM as our new Business Development Manager.

Have really enjoyed the first week and really interesting to be trained remotely as it’s never been done before. It has made it more challenging but the training team and the sales team have really gone above and beyond to get us up to speed. A new and interesting challenge”.

“I’m looking forward to working on my own to see how much I can push myself, but on the other side, I think sometimes that can also have a negative effect as we all like to be motivated by others. Also, the fact that being in sales and in a sales environment you normally have an atmosphere which you don’t get at home. Where you can bounce off each other and get the whole team pumped up”.

Ryan is also a qualified joiner and has built his own bar whilst in lockdown and also enjoys sports, in particular, football and has a 1-year-old puppy that keeps him on his toes.

Sophie Walker, Account Manager

Sophie has joined the team as an Account Manager on our Sales team helping our customers. Whilst having not worked in ecommerce before, Sophie completed a module during her studies at University.

The training has been very helpful and it almost feels like EKM has been hit with a pandemic before! Gemma has been a brilliant trainer and has helped us out a lot”.

“I am worried about when I start talking to customers without anyone around, however, I will make use of workplace and it will help me talk to people quickly if I need help. I like that there’s no commute and I can work in my Pjs!”

Sophie is a fan of running, cooking, and seeing her friends in her spare time (pre-COVID).


If you’d like to view or apply for any of our job positions you can do so on our careers page.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up your own online shop, you can speak to our ecommerce experts on 0333 004 0333 or request a callback here.

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