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ekmStories: A Dancers World


Sarah Clark, a dancer and goal driven perfectionist purchased A Dancers World nine years ago, just over twenty years after the business had been founded. During her time as company Director she has gained hands on help in the form of shareholder and manager, Kim who has been working with Sarah for eight years. The company is a dancewear clothing shop based in Northampton that supplies dancers with the tools that they need- from their first steps through to adulthood.


As an ex professional dancer (starting at just two years old) Sarah fell in love with the feeling of freedom that dancing gave her and the ability it provided to achieve her goals. After ending her career as a professional dancer Sarah got a job as an executive PA and through this job gained a lot of knowledge about running a business. Learning the ins and outs of business management inspired Sarah to create a business of her own and again grow something through her passion that allowed her to achieve the goals she fell in love with as a child.



“I love running my own business because I love the challenge. Being an ex dancer you challenge yourself so hard that for me I needed something that would challenge me equally as hard… I learn things everyday, I have to teach myself things everyday and I just love soaking up that knowledge.”


Running A Dancers World also gives Sarah the power to help young girls find passion through dance as she did. One of her core principals is support, she wants the dancers that enter her shop to feel special.


“I want us as a business to support our customers, to help them with their careers. We want them to know that they are buying something that will help them progress and that will give them the tools so that they can finally end up with the career that they want in dancing.”


Sarah has also opened a second store next door to A Dancers World. The shop is A Brides World and specialises in wedding and prom clothing. To complete the dream of supporting young girls throughout their dancing career into adulthood, Sarah enjoys taking part in two of the most significant steps young women take into adulthood.




At the shoot

Behind the scenes filming Sarah and the team at A Dancers World, Northampton. And then over to Sitcom Soldiers, Bolton with dancer and choreographer Liz Nelson and dancer Rio Samuels.


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Customer Spotlight 2016

Over Christmas, our Customer Spotlight 2016 competition gave ekmPowershop users the chance to star in a video all about their business. There was hundreds of entries (thank you to everyone who entered) and we enjoyed reading every single one. After a lot of debating and careful selection we picked Sarah from A Dancers World and A Brides World as the winner.
If you missed out- fear not! There will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year for you to be featured in the ekmStories series or on the blog. If you’ve got a story to tell email the ekmPowershop team at this address competitions@ekmsystems.co.uk. Be sure to include a link to your shop and as much about your story as possible.


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