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Evolution Mode: Common improvements

With Evolution Mode, your online shop will never get dated or fall behind, which is what we feel makes EKM unique. Here’s a list of common improvements we make to online shops with EKM and what they mean:

Favicon – A Favicon (Favourite Icon) is a small icon which is displayed on a web browser when someone is visiting a web page. This ensures that you have consistent branding and it makes your company recognizable for customers. This is very important to have on your site as it means that your official site is easily found.

Main page title – It is imperative your site has a main page title to directly tell customers what you’re selling. The title should be the 2 most specific keywords and the name of the website. This will improve the sites SEO and could potentially bring more visitors to the site.

Meta keywords – The meta keywords help search engines and directories identify what you do. We suggest entering keywords that state exactly what you think customers would search for exactly as well as giving a representation of what your shop sells. We suggest keeping the amount of meta keywords you have to five.


Meta description – The Meta description is similar to Meta keywords, allowing search engines to understand briefly what your online shop sells and contains.


Classification – The classification enables improved promotion of your online shop. It will allow more specific submissions to search engines and shopping directories and will prove a great benefit in the future. We suggest classifying each category and product.


Domain Name – A domain name is what customers will type in the search engines to find your shop directly. We suggest registering a domain name so it’s easier for customers to search for your website. You may choose whatever domain name you like through the settings and check if it is available.


Submit to search engines – We suggest submitting your site to search engines so customers can find you in popular search environments like Google and Bing.


Images – We suggest introducing high-quality images as they will make your online shop look more professional and give your customers a better more confident shopping experience. Informative banners allow customers to quickly identify what your online shop has to offer as well as making your shop look more professional. We suggest linking these banners to the relevant pages and add “shop now” buttons. We would also suggest adding alternative links to these banners making them interactive with the customers.


One banner – We suggest only placing one banner and removing the sliding banner feature. Recent studies have shown sliding banners distract the customer and customers do not even reach the third and fourth banners. We would like to create one banner which would showcase your products or categories. We may also link the banner to a relevant page if need be.

Promos – We suggest introducing promos as a basic method of advertising your products and categories. We will be using images which are relevant to your site and add “shop now” buttons which will link off to the relevant categories/products.


Logo – Your logo represents your brand and needs to be both professional and recognizable. We suggest a new logo design that will exemplify not only the beauty and wonder of your products but also the purpose of your brand in a subtle manner. We would also link the logo to the homepage which will prove an efficient and friendly method for customers to easily access the homepage.


Theme – We suggest introducing one of our newer themes which would permit us to place some banners to showcase some of your sale items, special offers etc. It would also allow your customers to view products from the homepage. Overall, it will give your shop a fresher look and we may use a similar colour scheme on the site depending on how it suits the products. We would use neutral colours which would give a good tone to your site whilst the pictures would range from warm and cool colours, allowing it to be bright yet elegant. As well as improving the design of your shop, it also updates the code used to create the site. Keeping code updated on site is key as it is an important factor in helping search engines find your site. Google and other search engines tend to favour well-coded websites.


Categories – We recommend reducing the number of categories on your shop as this will make it easier for your customers to navigate their way around your site. We may merge or hide some categories depending on its relevance and important for the site.


Welcome text – The purpose of welcome text informs customers what is being offered on your website as well as what they can find and achieve on your website. We would write this in a clear and understanding manner. Welcome text will also help with your sites SEO, good SEO will make it easier for search engines such as Google to find your shop and display it in searches.

Products on homepage – If there are no products on your homepage we would present some in there. We believe advertising products on the homepage is very important as it gives customers an insight into what is being sold without having to explore. We would like to add approximately 8 products on the homepage.


Alternative Text – We would suggest adding alternative text to your shop’s banners and promos. This gives a brief explanation of the image. In this explanation relevant keywords are add and this can have a positive impact on the sites SEO.

Category Images – We suggest adding images to top level categories. Although these images cannot always be seen on the desktop site they can be seen on the mobile site and adding them makes the mobile site look more professional and presentable.

Social Plugins Promoting your business on social can be a very beneficial way of promoting a business, however we would like to make this easier by installing and configuring a feature which displays all of the social media you have as an icon in the footer which is easily clickable for the customer.


Product Image Zoom Feature – We suggest adding product image zoom to your shop which allows your customers to look at products in more detail. We also want customers to get all the full use from our sites features.

Customer reviews – We suggest adding customer reviews to your site so customers can see what others have said about your site and products. This way they will feel like they can trust your site and will be more likely to purchase products from you.


Related Products Feature – We would suggest configuring the feature “Related Products”. We would select 5 products and add related products to show you as an example, hopefully from this you will know how it is used.

Customer Login Feature – We would like to install the customer login feature on your site. This will allow your customers to create accounts in order to log in and view their past orders. Many customers like to be able to view details of their purchases, after they make them and this feature will allow customers to do this.


Card logos – We would like to install the card logo feature to display your card logos. This will be coded as an EKM tag. This will allow you to easily manage which cards you accept/which appear on the site.


Postcode Lookup Feature – We would like to install the postcode lookup feature for you. The postcode lookup feature allows your customers to enter their postcode and select their house number from a drop down list, saving unnecessary typing at the all-important checkout stage. You should always try to make your customers shopping experience as fluid and simple as possible. Studies have shown that this is likely to improve a sites conversion rates.


Payment Methods – We would recommend installing a combination of Klarna and PayPal to offer your customers the best checkout experience and maximise your sales. If you would like more information regarding Klarna, you can call in and ask for Andy, our Klarna payment gateway specialist on 01772 957168.


Mobile Site – We would like to update your mobile site. In order to improve the consistency of your online shop, it is necessary your desktop shop is exhibited similarly on the mobile site. We will update the logo and the colour scheme for the sites to correspond accordingly.

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