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The Evolution Mode Process – Infographic

Evolution Mode Process - Header

Our infographic gives you a step by step process on requesting Evolution Mode and how you can benefit from continuous website evolution, forever.

Why does my online shop need Evolution Mode?

Evolution Mode is one of our most sought after features. Our shop performance data shows that businesses that have experienced Evolution Mode are more likely to succeed. It could be the smallest of tweaks to your design or shop structure which could be the difference between success and failure online.

When you request Evolution Mode, our Evolution team will check your website and offer advice, design changes and fix any mistakes. You’ll then be able to approve these changes and reap the benefits. See our infographic below to find out the step by step process required for Evolution Mode to take place on your online shop.


Evolution Mode - The process

If you’re ready to experience Evolution Mode for yourself and you’re not an existing EKM customer, signing up is simple. You can try EKM free for 14 days, or one of our amazing account managers can give you a no-obligation demo.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up your own online shop, you can speak to our ecommerce experts on 0333 004 0333 or request a callback here.
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