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Evolution Summary – December 2016

Here’s a summary of some of the things we’ve been working on behind the scenes:

Mobile Commerce

Consumer expectations are much higher today than they were 5 years ago, and as the bar keeps getting raised their expectations of retailers will be even higher in another 5 years time. Consumers expect to be able to purchase goods on their own terms which means retailers have to offer their customers an easy shopping experience on the move. It’s no secret that mobile is taking over desktop, and it’s not something we take lightly.

Over the past 3 months we’ve been paying close attention to your mobile shop and your customers’ experience buying on mobile. The main focus of our attention has been on navigation and checkout, making it easier for customers to navigate your shop and instilling confidence in your customers at pivotal moments in the checkout.

Content suggestions

There will be times when building your shop that you fail to comply with online ‘best practices’. We want to ensure your shop is optimised to perform at it’s best which is why we’re rolling out ‘content suggestions’. Content suggestions will recognise when you’ve made a mistake or drifted outside of best practice and suggest improvements.

One of the first live installments of this can be seen when adding categories. We identified that a lot of shop owners are making a number of mistakes when adding categories that negatively affect the shopping experience of customers. The main mistakes identified were:

  • Category names too long
  • Category names capitalised

Aside from how unsightly these mistakes are on your shop, they actually make them harder to use. Long capitalised names and excessive amounts of categories mean categories get pushed onto multiple rows, making it harder for the end user to find what they were looking for. The new content suggestions will reduce the amount of mistakes made and make it easier for customers to browse your shop.


Please remember; your shop will not prevent you from naming your categories how you want, it will only offer suggestions on how to improve them.

Theme updates

As time goes by, your theme may get slightly tired or outdated. We’re working to ensure that all themes are up to date and inline with what your customers are expecting and at the forefront of industry standard. We’re also constantly releasing new industry specific, conversion optimised themes on a monthly basis that are built to offer your customers an easy shopping experience that they will remember. If you’re looking for a fresh look, here for a guide on how to update your theme (for free!).


Klarna automation

For those of you using our recommended gateway (Klarna) to take payments, you can now automatically Confirm & Dispatch your orders without lifting a finger. Sit back and relax knowing that your payments are rolling in automatically. If you aren’t yet using Klarna to take payments, here’s a guide on how to add Klarna to your checkout. If you’re already using Klarna and you’d like to automatically Confirm & Dispatch your orders, please call our support team on 0333 004 0333 or contact your Account Manager for help.

Easier to use

We spend a lot of time at EKM thinking about the end user (your customers) and how to improve their experience on your website (so you get more sales). Over the past few months, we’ve tried to take a step back and focus more on your experience as a shop owner to make it easier for you to build and manage your online shop. One example of this is the Settings pages on your EKM account have been rewritten and rebuilt to make them faster, easier to use and more consistent. We hope these subtle often unnoticed changes make it easier for you to manage your shop and be more efficient so you can focus on what’s important.

Network infrastructure

We’ve invested heavily in our network infrastructure to ensure your shop is safe, secure and running smoothly as it should. These investments include new firewalls and upgraded routers to make us more resilient against future attacks.

We’ve also invested heavily into a full server refresh and upgraded, faster hardware.and expect all shops to be moved onto this upgraded hardware by early 2017.

Bug fixes

Over the last few months we’ve launched over 300 bug fixes and performance enhancements to the platform. We’ve also introduced new measures and procedures to ensure bugs in the system get fixed quicker.

What are you waiting for?

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