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Evolution Summary – June 2017

We’re always working hard to make it easier for you to run your online shop and to make EKM the world’s best eCommerce platform for anybody to run a successful online business. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made to EKM over the last quarter.


Major improvements

  • Improved average shop load speed by 20%.
  • Improved average ‘Your Account’ section load speed by 22%.
  • Increased average shop up time by 0.15% to 99.96%.
  • Launched over 250 bug fixes and performance enhancements to the EKM platform.
  • Migrated the EKM platform over to brand new super fast hardware.
  • Updated the platform to run from new, more robust database technology.
  • Added support for site wide HTTPS (SSL) and achieved an A rating from Qualys SSL Labs for our SSL implementation.



We’ve recently released a number of new themes that are free to all shop owners. Almost every single theme on EKM has had a User Experience Review in the last 6 months and improvements have been made where necessary. We now ensure that every single theme on EKM is reviewed at least once every 6 months during it’s lifetime. This means we can make sure that any time we learn something new, or come across common issues that we can fix, we can action them quickly and update the themes.


bohemian eCommerce theme

You can view some of the latest and greatest EKM themes here.


Minor improvements

  • Rebuilt ten more of the Settings and Features pages to improve the user interface and load speeds, including a full refresh of the Web Statistics feature.


web stats feature redesign

  • Redesigned and improved the layout of the edit item interface used for adding and editing products and categories.
  • Redesigned and improved the layout of the desktop and mobile shop search pages.
  • Redesigned and improved the layout of the emails sent by the abandoned cart saver.
  • Redesigned and improved the layout of the theme chooser page in the Design section.
  • Images uploaded for webpages and design elements are now automatically optimised to help shops load more quickly.
  • Added the ability to reorder Settings shortcuts using drag and drop.
  • Added support for promo stickers, loyalty points, category management and the renaming of product attributes into the Import/Export System.
  • Added a first and last option to the sort menu for moving/ordering products and categories.
  • Added the ability to upload animated GIF’s for product and category images.
  • Improved the variants section within the the edit item interface to allow for a larger number of variants to be used.
  • Improved how products are found within the Discount Management feature when setting up product specific discounts.
  • Updated the ‘ekm:productattributes’ tag to support the PRODUCTCODE, RRP, BRAND, CONDITION and WEIGHT keys.
  • Rebuilt and improved the ‘ekm:productquantity’ tag.
  • Updated the Email Marketing feature with support for sending sequenced campaigns and a brand new selection of responsive themes as well as improvements to email deliverability.
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