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Evolution Summary – March 2017

Here’s a summary of some of the things we’ve been working on behind the scenes:

New themes

We have a team dedicated to new theme releases who are always working hard to ensure you have a wide selection of industry specific, mobile optimised themes for your shop. Unlike other eCommerce providers, we don’t charge extra for our themes. This is because we know how important your shop’s design is to your success and we don’t want to hold your success to ransom by putting the best themes behind a paywall. Here’s a preview of some of the themes that have been released over the last quarter:

We sat down with Lead UI Designer John, to learn more about the thought behind our new theme releases:

“Web design is a very fluid industry and from month to month (even day to day) trends are changing. Over the last few months we’ve seen a sharp change in style with some of the bigger online retailers and it’s only natural that EKM shop owners want to have a modern looking online shop.

Our latest themes are designed with a minimalistic style and UX-first approach which is becoming more and more common. These new themes are comparable in style and layout to recent redesigns of the big retailers.

Our new themes are styled to fit any industry and any product with little to no effort by the shop owner but still offer the same flexibility as previous themes.”

Shop performance

In a world where shoppers have more options than ever, we understand that you shop speed, usability and performance is of paramount importance. We’ve been paying a particular focus on the speed and performance of your online shop (both front and backend) to ensure that you and your customers are receiving the experience you deserve and expect. Here’s a few stats of what we’ve managed to achieve over the last quarter:

  • Improved overall page load speeds (in some cases by up to 66%)
  • Improved average shop up-time by 0.5%
  • Improved average shop response times by 22%
  • Improved the average load time of the backend (your account) pages by 15%
  • Launched over 200 bug fixes and performance enhancements to the platform
  • Reduced the number of reported and replicated bugs within the EKM platform to under 20
  • On track for 80% of replicated bugs to be fixed and deployed within 15 working days of being reported
  • Installed new firewalls to help make us more resilient against future DDoS attacks
  • Expanded our Engineering team with more developers

New ‘Settings’ page

We understand that as a busy business owner, your time is your greatest asset, and we’re always working hard to ensure that your online shop is not only easy to use, but is time efficient to manage. You may have noticed that we recently made some changes to the ‘Settings’ section of your EKM shop.


Here’s what Lead UI Designer, John had to say:

We watched how people were using the settings section of their shop and found that most interactions lead to people visiting Shop Details (because it’s the first page and landing page) and then moving on to another, more commonly edited settings page. The Shop Details page despite being the highest traffic settings page was basically acting as a springboard deeper into the settings section.

The improvement we made was to give a more visual springboard into the most accessed and commonly edited settings pages. On top of that adding in the ability to jump straight into a specific action reduces the number of clicks to, for example, add a new delivery option or register a new domain name.”

Minor updates

  • Added a new shortcuts page to the Settings section that helps you quickly get to the most frequently used pages
  • Updated CKEditor to the latest version and added in a new spell checker
  • Added a new ekm:page_type tag for detecting the type of page you’re on, such as main, category, product, webpage etc
  • Added ID’s to the variant items output by the ekm:productoptions tag so they can be easily targeted
  • Added a new HAS_REVIEWS type for use in the iftype attribute of the ekm:if tag
  • Added improved messaging to the cart page if certain delivery options become unavailable due to product specific delivery limitations
  • Optimised the layout of Amazon Payments on mobile devices
  • Rebuilt the Abandoned Cart Saver Statistics, Product Attributes and Password Protect features to improve the user interface and load speeds
  • Rebuilt the Outgoing Emails & Your Details settings pages to improve the user interface and load speeds
  • Rebuilt the Dashboard page to improve load speeds
  • Added Instagram into the Social Plugins feature
  • Added CKEditor into the Outgoing Emails settings page for editing email templates
  • Added Klarna logos into the Card Logos feature
  • Improved the content of the emails sent out by the Abandoned Cart Saver feature


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