EKM XML – EKM Evolution Update


Our development team have created a new app for the EKM platform – EKM XML.

One of the most important aspects of your business is to ensure that you can keep stock levels up to date if you operate both online and through a bricks and mortar shop.

Manually changing each product you sell can be time consuming, but also may not account for any delay you may run into which could mean you may accidentally sell an item twice.

EKM XML helps you to integrate other third party systems you may use to keep track and maintain your stock. It does this by taking the data on the XML feed and updates it depending on changes to the information made by either of those systems.

To install the feature, just head to the features section in your dashboard and search for EKM XML. Click The EKM XML application and follow the instructions. The app will be able to read your shop’s products, variants and options and modify them to. You can also update all your stock levels with a csv file should you need to.

As always we have a full support guide on EKM support to help you get started with EKM XML.

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Mike Graveston

Based in Lancashire, Mike is EKM's Senior Content Marketer and also works as a broadcaster. You may seem him hosting some of EKM's videos and loves unleashing his creativity.