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Our very first EKM Academy event

We recently hosted our very first EKM Academy event in our auditorium at our brand new office in Fulwood, Preston. The free event was called ‘How to create your own successful online shop and e-commerce website’. A number of our in-house industry experts got involved and kept the event alive with talks on a range of exciting topics from creating your shop, branding and social media marketing.

The event was a huge success with everyone leaving with new ideas, knowledge and a better understanding on how to start and run their own successful online shop. We even had time to individually help a couple of business owners with some logo issues they had.

At EKM we generally want to help you grow your business and we feel that running these events can really benefit you and your business. Our industry experts aren’t just people who have read their knowledge from a book, they have implemented these practices and made a living from it. Some have their own businesses and are just wanting to share their knowledge of what they have learned themselves.

Make sure that you get involved with our next event as you could really be missing out on important information. It’s worth the trip even if you just take one thing from the event (not just the free merch). We also stick around for a while after the event is over, so if you have any questions that we haven’t covered in the event then we would more than happily talk to you after the event.

We have plans for more EKM Academy events in the very near future. From SEO tips, business advice to guest speakers. For all the latest news regarding our upcoming events make sure you follow our Facebook page.

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