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Gift Wrapping Made Us Big: The Bearded Adonis Story


Bearded Adonis Ltd is a small startup retailer, selling grooming products for bearded men with a focus on offering quality products and choice. The company has grown incredibly since its setup only six months ago, having already become a hit with beard enthusiasts throughout the UK (plus, some world wide) and continuing to grow every day since. The faces behind Bearded Adonis Ltd, Clare and Paul, insist that the not so secret formula behind such a quick rise to success is mainly due to one simple decision that paved the way for everything else to fall into place perfectly.

What was that one decision?

Let’s start at the same point Clare and Paul did, at the very beginning…


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Preparing for success

Since 2013, sales of men’s grooming products have been on the rapid increase. Last year, online retailer Mrporter.com reported a 300% growth in sales of men’s beauty and grooming products from 2014- after only finding demand for these products in 2013. When Clare and Paul decided to open up shop in the men’s grooming industry, they knew that the competition would be tough. In order to be in with a chance of becoming successful- the brand would really need to stand out. After scoping what their (at the time) future competitors currently offered, the husband and wife team quickly concluded that a simple but effective USP (Unique Selling Point) would give their business the extra touch needed to compete with the already established shops. From that point, they decided to offer a free luxury gift wrapping and personal message service to all customers- something that not one direct competitor offered. A free service like this would provide them with something to shout about and something that their customers would shout about too. After establishing this USP, Claire and Paul looked to set the soon to be Bearded Adonis Ltd even further apart by focusing on providing a wide range of different brands and price ranges of products- rather than focusing on being the cheapest or selling their own range as many other shops selling products for beard grooming seemed to do.


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The rewards

Adding something that at first seemed like merely the icing on the Bearded Adonis cake actually shaped the future of the entire company. Deciding on a USP before setting up the business instilled a strong brand mission in Clare and Paul that now runs through the bones of the business. It provided a brand persona for the couple to work with. Every aspect of Bearded Adonis, from the website design to the webpage copy and social media pages have been created with the USP and brand mission in mind, allowing Clare and Paul to hit the ground running with their shop.


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From the day of the launch, Bearded Adonis offered customers a luxurious, branded service. All orders arrive in branded packaging with complimentary sweets. Customers selecting the free gift wrapping service receive their orders packed in a premium quality box containing branded stickers, shredded tissue and the sweets, all tied together off with a bow. Customers can add a gift card with a personalised message of their choice, also free of charge. As a part of this branded experience Clare and Paul also made it their mission to offer a high level of customer service, updating customers at every stage of order processing and following up a week later with an email inviting review.


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In the future

Becoming such a quick hit with customers has inspired Bearded Adonis to continue on its mission to include an even bigger selection of brands in the future. By the end of the year Clare hopes to have created a signature beard oil for the company which will be the first in a range of Bearded Adonis products.


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What are you waiting for?

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