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Goals and accountability for business owners working from home

As we all adapt to a new normal of home working and re-establishing our business practices at the whim of what the government decides there has never been more of a need to set some business goals and plans.

The next 12 weeks look uncertain and that uncertainty leads to procrastination. Procrastination manifests itself and leads to anxiety. Anxiety about how you are going to deal with the children not being at school, worry about how you are going to visit elderly relatives and neighbours and then how you are going to continue to run your own business to provide for yourself, your teams and your families.

As business owners, we have so many go-to tools in our business toolbox that are second nature under normal circumstances but what we are living through right now isn’t normal and how we deal with this situation will either make or break our businesses.

So start by establishing what your goals are and writing them down, give yourself a time when those goals will be hit (subconsciously this all goes in) and share those goals in the communities you are part of and with people you trust.

Share your successes and let people know how you are getting on along the way.  Doing this will help you to get your business to where it needs to be.

So here are my goals for the next 12 weeks:

  • Write a positive blog piece each week for EKM.com
  • Go outside for at least an hour per day
  • Set up 6 template online shops to show people how to get online quickly
  • Record 6 videos showing how to set up an online shop on EKM and put onto YouTube

As entrepreneurs, we see the positive and know exactly how to make things happen. What are your goals for the next 12 weeks, share them with me and I look forward to keeping you accountable.


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