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Halloween ecommerce marketing ideas

Halloween is becoming an increasingly popular retail event in the UK, making it an almost as profitable as Christmas and Easter. It presents an exciting opportunity for shop owners to get creative and allow their brand personality to shine through themed marketing promotions and fun messaging.

You don’t have to sell Halloween related products to get involved in Halloween, you just need to think outside of the box and add some seasonal touches to engage your customers and increase sales.

Create Halloween promotions

Why not surprise your customers with a Halloween themed promotional offer or discount to get them into the seasonal spirit?

You can send the discount code out to your email list using Halloween themed email campaigns. Use fun language in your emails and get creative with your subjectlines to draw your customers in. This example below by Lands’ End draws you in through clever copy and images, and creates a sense of urgency by including limited time offers.

Clever copy and images - with a call to action

Decorate elements of your website

Why not add some themed design elements to your website? This doesn’t have to mean a whole site redesign. Think of it like a shop window – adding seasonal elements is a great way to create interest and draw in potential customers. If you’re running a Halloween promotion, consider swapping your web banner out in favour of something more festive like the below The Body Shop example.

Making your Halloween offer stand out

Get spooky on social media

Halloween content is very well received on social media. It’s fun, lighthearted and makes a change from the usual everyday post. You don’t need to go crazy overboard to pique interest, in fact you can be as subtle or as playful as you like – that’s the beauty of social media. Again, you don’t necessarily have to sell Halloween related products to get stuck in, it’s possible for most businesses to find a tie-in somehow.

Play around with Halloween elements

Take a look at this example below. Jeep have taken an incredibly simple approach to their Halloween marketing by carving an element of their logo into a pumpkin. It’s eye-catching, lighthearted and memorable, as their logo is now engraved in your mind. You wouldn’t necessarily associate Jeep products with Halloween, however they’ve used creative thinking to get their brand involved in the conversation.

Here’s another example. Burt’s Bees dressed some of their most popular products up in Halloween costumes. You don’t necessarily need to do something that requires such proficient Photoshop skills, however you can take inspiration from this post.

Create how-to content

Halloween and DIY content goes hand-in-hand. It’s an indirect way of getting your business out there without being too salesy. It’s the kind of marketing that doesn’t really feel like marketing, so it resonates well with social media users.

This kind of content isn’t suited to every business, but If you have products that can be incorporated into DIY videos then this is the perfect way to get creative, encouraging shares and engagement – you just need to make sure you’re thinking about your target market. If you sell makeup products, why not create Halloween makeup tutorials? If you sell kitchen products, why not share Halloween recipes?


Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for this kind of content. A simple search for ‘Halloween DIY ideas’ will bring up thousands of results, so this is a good place to start.


Last year The Body Shop created a how-to tutorial to turn their empty packaging into fun Halloween decorations. This up-cycling concept works well for them because their business highly values sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

B&Q also like getting crafty at Halloween. In 2017 they posted this DIY pumpkin painting video on Facebook. It’s something a little different to the usual pumpkin decorating methods you see, and the unicorn style was bang on trend at the time which resulted in plenty of shares and interaction.

Put extra care into your packaging

You should put a lot of thought and care into the way you package your customers’ orders all year round. However, you can go that extra mile over Halloween and give your customers special treat to thank them for their custom and encourage brand loyalty.

Receiving a delivery is exciting anyway, but it’s even more exciting when there’s a nice unexpected surprise inside.

Play on the ‘Trick or Treat’ concept this Halloween by slipping a small treat into your ecommerce packaging. Something low cost such as sweets, chocolate or product samples will work well. Combine this with a Halloween themed thankyou note, and you’ll leave a lasting impression on your customers. If you want to go the extra mile, include a discount code on the note for a percentage off their next order. This will encourage your customers to come back and shop with you in the future.

We hope this article provided you with some inspiration if you’re thinking of getting involved in Halloween this year. Good luck and enjoy the spookiest season of the year!

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