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Here’s why your business needs ERP Software to boost productivity

Ever dreamed of having a completely seamless process when it comes to finding and sourcing inventory, managing your accounts, reporting, supply chain and more, all in one? Today we’re going to be talking about why your business needs ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and how it can boost your business’ productivity and growth.

Not heard of an ERP system before? ERP software helps business owners get away from trying to manage a business via spreadsheets and workarounds and instead, helps businesses harness the power of automation to manage day-to-day tasks – all from one system.

How does it work?

All great ERP tools will provide you and your team members with the capacity to manage every aspect of your business. That means integrating all information from inventory, accounts, sales, promotions, reporting and supply chain in the same place.

If you are a business operating both online and in-store, outsourcing materials from different suppliers, an ERP system can help you to track, log and stay on top of every single interaction or transaction made through the process. Likewise, as your orders start coming through the door, those picking and packing have a structure to work with, and your customer service team has a system to quickly reference all key bits of information. This level of detail allows businesses to keep inventory under tight control, as well as ensuring all team members have access to the same information.

For some, an ERP system might mean automating their purchasing process to ensure the right materials are always on order when stock is running low. This means that even when your most popular products are flying off the shelves, you’ve got plenty more on the way. As you can see already, an ERP software system can be used in several different ways, but above all, it allows you to take your business strategy to the next level.

Benefits of an ERP System

Implementing an ERP system into your online shop means that you can have complete control over the products customers see, to the movement of orders behind the scenes. With your EKM shop connected to an ERP software, you’re able to bring together your shop listings with your orders, customers, sales and accounts. With real data driving between the two solutions, an ERP system can accurately forecast your best products, your most profitable products, and what is in store for the next month or year to come.

Keeping customers happy means being able to provide them with quick and accurate information. With an ERP software tool, real-time order information can be found within a few clicks. So, whether you are working behind a customer service desk or you’re out on the road – you’re able to quickly pull up important notes, order numbers, or whatever you need to help your customers.

As well as the risk of manual errors and miscommunication, having different parts of a business work under their own rules with separate methods can create an abundance of problems further down the line.

Imagine your business has put a lot of investment and time into a new EKM shop. The team have perfected the design, the user journey, as well as an optimised marketing strategy – but what about the customer service team and warehouse staff behind the scenes? Are they working as efficiently as possible?

With an ERP system in place, a workforce starts working collaboratively.

 Can I use this in my EKM shop?

Yes. EKM’s open API access allows ERP software providers to become the middleman between the front and back-end of a business. Harnessing the power of these two great systems means order fulfilment can be entirely automated, and accurate data can be driven directly into your accounts.

By combining powerful ERP software systems with ecommerce service providers like EKM, selling becomes easier, orders get and faster, and profits increase. It really is as simple as it sounds. Find out about getting started with an ERP system here.

Bio: Megan Gee
Digital Marketing Executive at Khaos Control. Khaos Control manages each aspect of your business, so you can concentrate on growing it.

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