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How is Research Helping ekmPowershop?

You may have noticed over the last month that we conducted an “Improving ekmPowershop” questionnaire, in which we asked what areas of ekmPowershop you, the shop owners, would like to see improved and what new features you’d like to see added. You may have also noticed that we have been asking for feedback on new features we’ve introduced, like the “Advanced Inventory Manager Beta” feature and the new delivery system.

We’re listening…

First of all, if you’ve given any feedback or comments to us on any of these topics, thank you.  We know that running an online shop leaves you with little time to think about anything else but your business, so we very much appreciate you using some of that time to let us know your opinions and feedback on our product. There were some comments within the responses to the “Improving ekmPowershop” questionnaire that questioned how this data would be used, if at all, in our efforts to advance ekmPowershop. To answer these comments, we are pleased to say that we have ramped up our efforts in using the valuable feedback you give and we have expanded our Marketing team to focus on research.

The research arm of our Marketing team will be conducting surveys, focus groups and feedback analysis with the aim of understanding what you want from ekmPowershop and what will help your businesses grow whilst using ekmPowershop as your ecommerce provider. As well as finding out what you want from the platform, we also intend to find out more about you, the shop owners, and your businesses through demographics and cohorts research. We will also be more open and forthcoming with the results of any research we conduct and these results will contribute to our development process.

How does research help?

The precise role of research will be discussed in further detail in its own blog post, but the ways in which we’re using research to improve ekmPowershop boils down to two main areas. Firstly, we’re using research to find out what you, the shop owners, want from ekmPowershop and what you think of what we currently have. This research allows us to find out our current standing and where you’d like us to be, giving us our start point and our overall goal.

Secondly, as we develop a new feature within the system, we’ll be getting feedback from staff and customers as the development process progresses. This will allow us to determine if we’re on course for hitting our overall goal and ensuring that there are as few issues as possible when the new feature is released.

Our research will be a contributing factor, but other factors will also impact our development process. In some cases for instance, enhancing the feature you want to see improved will require improving other connected features first. This may lead to our feature development following an order that differs to the order of preference we discover through our “Improving ekmPowershop” questionnaires, but taking into all factors will mean our development work follows the most logical and efficient path possible. This gives our Development team more time to work on what you need on ekmPowershop.

Similarly, the feedback we receive from our internal testing may mean that expected dates of release are subject to change. The benefit of this is that when a feature is released for the first time to all ekmPowershop users, it will have had four rounds of intense testing by staff and customers. The outcome of this will be that the feature will be fully formed and tailored to your needs, reducing the need for post-release development work.

Making you part of the process

Our aim through research is to make you, the customers of ekmPowershop, a larger part of our processes. With this in mind we will be releasing the results of the recent ‘Improving ekmPowershop’ survey and conducting follow up research using surveys and focus groups on how you’d like us to improve the “Discount Management” feature and what 3rd party integrations you’d like to see added to ekmPowershop. We’re also building an improved Beta Test Group (which you can now sign up for here), made up of ekmPowershop users to allow us to find potential issues, make required improvements and more thoroughly test new features before they become available to the wider customer base.


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