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How next day deliveries make your business better

I love next day deliveries; I’m generally a little bit impatient, so it kind of makes sense that I do. The reason I have become impatient though, is because so many sites nowadays deliver within one or two days. It has just become somewhat the norm. I just expect not to wait for longer than two, three days tops. After that I am slightly on edge until it arrives. After five I’m probably ready to complain to the shop I have bought from.

In a recent article we had a look at how important free delivery can be to convert potential customers and how much of an impact it could have to offer free delivery, even if only over a certain order threshold, or as an event once every so often. Next day delivery can have a similar effect on your customers.

The cost

‘But it is so expensive!’ I hear you shout, ‘it will put people off!’. Well yes and no. Yes, it can be quite expensive. Via the Courier Pigeon integration the cheapest option for next day delivery is £6.52, or £3.96 over a certain volume, which is a good price and won’t put people off. You wouldn’t offer it as your standard delivery, it is only there for people that really want to use it.

Why offer next day delivery?

Next day delivery is a great way to convert the desperate, last minute shopper. It’s especially important for items that could be given as gifts or aren’t just conveniently available from a local shop.

I tend not to do well with remembering dates for birthdays and more often than not only remember a few days before. I then go on a crazed shopping spree looking for a place that will send what I want for the next day. If your shop doesn’t offer the next day option, it instantly becomes irrelevant to me in that situation. This is an abandonment that would have probably converted if the option had been there.

With highly desirable goods you can squeeze more of a margin out of your delivery charges. This is especially the case with electrical goods (mobiles/tablets etc) that people can’t wait to hold in their hands and the same goes for flowers, but flowers are a bit of an obvious one and are most likely also subject to a different sort of personal delivery.

Incorporating it into your strategy

The most common method is to offer it for free over a certain cart value. You need to make sure you can afford to do this though by working the costs into your margins.

It may also be viable to offer the next day delivery option at a discounted rate – even if you only shave £1 – £2 off the delivery cost, this could be the amount that will convince your customers that it is worth buying from you.

Delivery costs are key

It’s important to stand out to your customers and sometimes something as little as savings on deliveries can have a huge effect. Even having the option of next day delivery will make a huge difference to people that are last minute shopping and are depending on a quick delivery option.

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