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How to build a home office set up on a £300 budget

Building a home office can be expensive, especially if you don’t already have anything you would need for a home office set up. Your home office set up doesn’t need to cost thousands and you can also do it for around £100 too but if you’re looking for something a bit more sturdy and longer-lasting, then upping your budget is a great place to start.

We’re going to be looking at how to build a home office set up for around £300 and suggest some great pieces to make your home office work better for you.


Ikea is always a great place to look for home furniture and they have pieces that will fit any budget. Some of the sturdier pieces you can get for around £100 much like the examples below.

KALLAX Desk – £95 MALM Desk – £90

These pieces provide enough space for a computer set up and more. If your business is more craft-based and you need a larger work surface and storage then the KALLAX desk is probably more suitable. But remember when you’re looking for a desk, make sure whatever you choose not only suits the purpose of the desk but also fits well in the space you’ve chosen in your home.


Next and probably one of the more important parts of your home office set up is your desk chair. If you’re going to sit in it for 8 hours or more then you need to make sure that it’s not only comfortable but also supportive.

Benzie Chair – £89.95Hbada Chair – £119.99
Hippo Hinton High Back Chair – £87.77

Again you’ll need to ensure that the chair fits within the space including the other furniture you plan on including in your home office. We always recommend trying to get a chair that is as ergonomic as possible and if you wish to try out the chair, make sure to check the returns policy for it just in case it isn’t quite what you’re after.


You may only be working from a laptop or would like to have a second screen and there are monitors on the market for around £100 if that’s something you want.









Phillips 23 inch monitor with speakers – £109.95 Dell 22 inch monitor – £99.99

Having an additional monitor can help you increase your productivity and efficiency when working so it’s something that you should consider as part of your home office set up.

Whatever pieces you choose for you at home office set up remember to make sure that they fit nicely within the space and serve the right function for how you run your business from home.

*All prices correct at time of writing

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