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How to deal with your customer abandonment issues

The fear of being left

There are few things that we like less than being left. Whether that is on a personal level or when it comes to business. As a merchant you will know this problem all too well. You watch a certain amount of people click their way through to the checkout area and the finish line is in sight, but so many things can still go wrong on the home stretch, you might feel safe, but nothing is high and dry yet.

Common reasons for abandonment

There are a few reasons why customers can suddenly get cold feet during the checkout stages. Here are a few of the most important ones that you want to tackle to increase your conversions:

1. Customers look for the same product on competitor sites to see whether they can get it cheaper. -> Tackle this by researching your competitors and try matching their price or undercutting it slightly. Skuuudle make it easy for you to price your products by comparing your product codes against your competitors’. They return a logical report showing you how your prices compare in the overall marketplace. You’ll be able to identify any products that you’re charging over the odds for and also any products you can increase the price of whilst still remaining competitive.

2. Customers are concerned about the security of your site, be it about their data or the security of the transaction. -> You can use certain fields in your website to assure customers of the security of the website. A clean and reputable design will do the trick for you and people gain the confidence to purchase from you. Things such as clear product images and professional fonts are a big indicator for a reputable site. Make sure you display your contact details, phone number and email, so that customers feel like they can contact you at any point of their shopping trip. Display an SSL logo for secure checkout, in our case it’s comodo.com and you’ll be able to just get an image displaying the SSL security via google. Display customer reviews and/or links to review sites such as Trustpilot.

3. Customer doesn’t have the option to checkout as a guest. -> Make sure that you allow your customers to checkout as a guest in the back end of the ekmPowershop

4. Your shop doesn’t offer enough payment options. -> One payment option is almost never enough. People like flexibility when they have to part with their money and providing them with more than just one option can be just what they need to complete their purchase. The easiest option for you here would be to use PayPal Express as it will provide your customers with the easiest and fastest checkout option.

5. Your payment options aren’t mobile friendly. -> With the steady increase of people using their mobile technology for online shopping, this is one of the most important factors. It is crucial that you have at least one payment option that is mobile friendly.

6. You don’t offer enough shipping options. -> This is of crucial importance. Customers like to be able to choose how they receive their items. Make sure you offer a wide variety of options from “Standard Delivery” all the way to “Next Day Delivery”.

7. Sudden increase in price on the final page of checkout. -> There are few things more annoying than a sudden increase in price when you are trying to buy an item, make sure that your customers are aware of your shipping costs etc. before they get to that part of the checkout. Furthermore you could even just offer free shipping, that way they won’t get into the situation where they are faced with a sudden increase in price.

8. Last but not least, customers can just walk away at the end. -> This doesn’t necessarily have to have a reason other than that they might have changed their mind. With the Abandoned Cart Saver however you are able to target those elusive customers and make sure that they are emailed with the products that they were trying to buy, to try and entice them back to your shop. You can offer the customers things such as a discount if they were to complete their order, or maybe offer them free shipping to get them back on board.

Face these problems and see a decrease in abandonment

If you manage to approach all these issues individually and experiment with what works best for you, then you will see a downturn in abandonments and you’ll be able to increase the amount of people that you will see completing the checkout process, which in turn obviously lead to a better turnover for you.

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