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How to structure a Facebook post

In a recent article we looked at how to set up a Facebook business page. We are now going to have a look at what your posts should look like to get the maximum engagement and a quick growth in likes.

Post Structure

Let us first delve into what makes a good post. First of all, what you are doing by posting to Facebook is adding content. As you will already know, content as always is one of the the key components to your success. The whole point of your Facebook page is to drive engagement. You want people to interact with you and your content, so this is the main thought on your mind every time you post something onto your Facebook wall. This is important, as the interaction on the post will determine how it will appear in other people’s news feed. The more interaction, the higher and the more often it will appear. In addition to that you also want to encourage your customers to share the content you are posting.

The look and layout of your post is going to be important. You’re unlikely to get a lot of interaction if you post a very long article on Facebook. Your audience is most likely going to ignore everything after the headline and only if you’re lucky will they even bother reading the first line. Keep it snappy, keep it on point and make it visually appealing!

ladbible screenshot

Short and snappy posts on average get 23% more interaction than long posts. The shorter it is, the better. Which doesn’t mean writing just one word will end up being the most successful thing you’ve ever posted, but a well thought out, short message, possibly with visual backing, might well be the big post that you need to get the ball rolling. If you can keep it under 40 characters then you have hit the Facebook jackpot.


I’m not a fan of The LAD Bible on Facebook, but they have understood how to make their posts as successful as possible using very snappy, short and to the point texts combined with either a link or an image. In this case they are able to combine a well known joke with something that isn’t even that uncommon an occurrence. At least in the countryside. They just understand how to combine text with a visual aspect to get great results and this has sparked a whole host of similarly named copy cats.



red bullThe visual appeal is key. If you can, always accompany your posts with an image. Accompanying a post with an image has been shown to be 39% more effective in gaining interaction and according to Kissmetrics, photos will on average get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more clickthroughs than text will. It makes perfect sense. The visual appears to most of us more than the textual. The same goes for videos, which also draw more of an audience than just pure text messages. A good example of this is RedBull. They post very short messages, coupled with an image or a video to go with it. Due to the spectacular nature of the videos, they tend to do better than images. If you find content that people love, they will happily share them and you won’t just reach your fan page, but all your fans friends, too!




ekm video

We find this for ekmPowershop, too! The best posts that we have, on the whole, is the content that is visual, such as a recent smashing of some glass tables at our Darwen office. It got about 5000 views and about 200 likes combined.

Other visual posts that do well for us are Albums that have more of a focus on the social side of the company, such as Albums from team nights out etc. Anything visual is always going to do better for you than pure text or link formats.

With Albums about the social side of your company you will most likely get a lot of shares, but you will get some interaction with your customers and you will gain some likes on your post. You have to decide before posting what type of engagement you would like and how it would most benefit.

Using emoticons in your post will also further increase your engagement. It is ‘social’ media after all and what better way to connect on an emotional level than through emoticons. Of course it all depends on your industry. If you are selling coffins, you are unlikely to be going crazy for emoticons, but for most other industries there are times and places where you can use them. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because this is your business page, you can’t say things or use certain emoticons that you would ordinarily avoid in a business environment. After all, emoticons are shown to increase the share and comment rate by 33% and the like rate by 57%. Do not overdo it however. It’s all about using them when they are appropriate, not just to fill in a gap in text!


Explore what your fans like and what they react to the most, sticking to the post structure that we suggest will get you off to a great start though and will set the foundation for the future growth of your business page! In the next article we will have a look at the type of content does the best in terms of engagement so you can combine Structure and Content for the perfect post.


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