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How video marketing can take your business to the next level

When it comes to marketing your business there are many different mediums to do so; from print and digital ads to social media and more. Today we’re going to be talking about how to use video marketing to raise your brand awareness, generate leads and increase your engagement.

The type of video you create will depend on what the aim of the video is. Is it a tutorial on how to use your products? Is it an advert that you plan on using online to drive traffic to your online shop? Is it a customer testimonial to showcase social proof? You firstly need to decide on the purpose of your video before we talk about how to create one.

Content Marketing Videos

Video in general can be a powerful tool to use within your marketing but one of the most powerful ways to drive engagement and raise brand awareness is by creating educational and informative videos surrounding topics relating to your business and what you sell.

A good example of this is a shop that sells fabrics and other materials for creating textiles. You could film some educational videos on how to do certain stitches, how to create easy everyday items or what the best equipment would be for any budget. This type of content is easy to watch compared to a long blog post and can be posted across all of your social media channels and as a ‘resource’ section on your website.

Offering information on a topic that you have expertise in will help people build trust in not just your content but also, in turn, your products, and items that you recommend. This content in turn could be turned into blogs to help with your SEO but from a user’s perspective, the video may be easier to digest. Putting content like this out there will also help build your prospective audience if the information is useful sharing with others.

Videos for Advertising

Creating videos for advertising purposes is much different than the content marketing videos we just spoke about. Again video ads would need a particular purpose either brand awareness, lead generation or conversions.

Digital ads can help take your business to the next level in a variety of ways. From remarketing to brand awareness video advertisements on places like YouTube and Facebook, you can create a highly targeted audience to market your products to. These types of videos would be more sales focused and feature the benefits of your product or service and the problem that it solves.

You want to be able to make a lot of impact quickly with these videos to keep the interest of your audience which can be tricky. Remember to keep your messaging true to your brand but keep it simple and to the point when it comes to what you’re trying to communicate.

Customer Story Videos

Another great video is a customer story video. This is something that we do here at EKM and there are many benefits to doing so. Customer testimonials serve a valuable purpose when it comes to selling online. They help indicate to potential customers that your products are of good value and do as the customer expects. If your customers leave reviews on places like Trustpilot or Reviews.io then you can use these as social proof for your online shop – testimonials can be really powerful which is why you should look to use your best examples in videos.

Don’t just look at the review though, ask the customer a bit more about why they were looking for your product, what problem did it help them solve, was there a specific reason they wanted your product over another version. Questions like these can give you lots of really valuable feedback and content to use on your social channels, within ads, and on your website to help increase your conversion rate.

Live Videos

Last but not least, live videos. Live videos have seen a huge uptick in recent months thanks to businesses moving their operations solely online amidst coronavirus lockdown. Even those who were already online have been embracing Facebook and Instagram Live and interacting more with their audience by doing Q&A’s, live tutorials and discussing hot topics within their industry.

Live videos are a great way to attract more people to your content and get them interacting with you and your brand. Live videos can also be recorded and published across your social media channels in the future and other pieces of content can be made from them such as blogs, podcasts etc.

All of these video formats are a great way to create content for your audience, increase engagement and help drive traffic to your website and in turn, generate sales. You should support these videos with other content such as blogs to help build your SEO and online presence.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up your own online shop, you can speak to our ecommerce experts on 0333 004 0333 or request a callback here.

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