7 Egg-stra special Easter gifts that support small UK businesses

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As we have seen with holidays such as Halloween, the need to go all out for annual traditions is becoming increasingly more popular with us British folk.

Easter is a holiday that’s famous for chocolate (which I personally plan on eating a lot of), yet there are so many other treats and gifts you can get your hands on if you fancy doing something a little special this year. 

We have put together a list of gift ideas, sweet treats and fun decorations that you can buy from small UK businesses on the EKM platform. Trust me, there are some goodies.

So whether you’re planning on overindulging in chocolate this Easter, having the family over for a festive lunch or spending the half-term simply trying to keep the children entertained, fear not, we have got plenty of ideas for you!

1. Tender Leaf 3 Bunny Tales by Yoyo and Flo


If you’re choosing to opt for toys over chocolate for your little ones, Yoyo and Flo have an exquisite collection. Alongside toys and games, they also have nursery décor, clothes and accessories, even expanding to an Easter range which includes products like this Set of 3 Bunny Tales.

2. Bunny Rabbit Face Paper Napkins by Luck and Luck

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Hiding Easter eggs around the garden and having a party may well be on the agenda for the bank holiday weekend. If this sounds like your kind of holiday, Luck and Luck have beautiful decorations to get the house looking just right! From these cute Bunny Rabbit Face Napkins to Easter balloon arches, you’ll find everything you need to get the home feeling festive!

3. Personalised Easter Egg Holder and Moneybox by Abbeyhead Crafts

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We love multipurpose items and this one is a must for children this Easter! A Handmade Personalised Bunny to store all their chocolate, later to be used as a moneybox, perhaps to save for more sweet treats! You can’t go wrong with this one!

4. Personalised Easter Card by Posh Bananas

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If you’re planning on getting a card for someone special this year, why opt for anything less than a personalised and ‘punny’ one? This ‘Hoppy Easter’ card by Posh Bananas ticks all the right boxes! Posh Bananas have a huge selection of products ranging from occasion gifts to home decor, you’ll no doubt find yourself browsing this website for all future celebrations too!

5. Chocolate 2D Egg by Flossy Treats

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Let’s be honest, Easter wouldn’t be the same without some chocolate! Flossy Treats have some amazing Easter Eggs such as this Chocolate Orange 2D Egg, also available in a wide variety of flavours such as caramel, Ferrero Rocher and Malteaser. You can also go for themed eggs such as Farmers, Flower Power, Dino, Personalised and even the much loved Peppa Pig.

6. Creme Egg Brownie Box by Baked By Humphries

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You don’t have to stop at Easter Eggs for your chocolate fix when you have brownie boxes like these available! This Baked by Humphries Creme Egg Brownie Box is ‘so dreamy it doesn’t need an eggsplanation’. Say no more.

7. Personalised Easter Book by PersonalisedBooks.Shop

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Personalised books like this Easter Bunny Book are gifts that children can treasure forever. This story can be enjoyed for years to come as they become the main character of their own book. What a great way to capture their imagination and keep the sugar rush at a minimum!

Happy Shopping and Hoppy Easter!

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