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Introducing 20 free responsive themes

Today we’re excited to introduce 20 Free Responsive Themes, an even easier way for shop owners to make their online shops accessible on more devices with the least amount of work.

Mobile usage across the EKM platform is still fast approaching the 50% mark and for some shops, it’s already surpassed that number. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever for EKM to create the best mobile experience for shoppers and make it really easy for shop owners to edit them.

For some time we’ve known that mobile was going to be a significant source of traffic and conversions, which is why we introduced mobile shop across all EKM shops. In a single update, we enabled anyone to buy from any EKM shop on any device.

Around 3 years ago we introduced the first major update to our mobile shop feature when we made usability improvements, added new features, made it more editable and improved the aesthetics of the theme. Again with this update pushed to all EKM shops we were able to increase mobile conversions further.


You can get started with our new themes by visiting the Design section of your EKM shop. We’ve made it really easy to see which themes are responsive enabled.

Every theme we release in the future will be fully responsive and designed for mobile and desktop devices. We release new themes every month, so make sure you keep checking out the design section of your EKM shop.

One theme on any device

A responsive theme is a single theme that adapts to the various screen sizes. A truly responsive theme will take advantage of available space on larger displays, such as desktop monitors, all the way down to the smallest mobile screens.

This is exactly what our brand new themes do. We’ve designed them to scale up to larger screen sizes and take advantage of as much available space as possible and to scale down to fit in the palm of your hand, all without losing any content or functionality.

Mobile-only is still a great option

We still firmly believe that a theme built specifically for mobile and mobile-only is a great solution. The problem here is that a mobile-only theme introduces a number of it’s own issues for the shopper and shop owner.

Ultimately the best argument for responsive themes is that a single change on your desktop theme is also visible instantly on your mobile theme. They are the same theme.

Mobile-only themes cause you to need to make an update on the desktop theme and then the same update on your mobile theme, doubling the time you spend editing your theme and reducing the time you can spend running your business.

Now is the best time to introduce fully responsive themes

In the last 12 months, mobile has been a very hot topic both internally and with shop owners. A better mobile experience on EKM is the single most requested feature of the last 12 months from shop owners, so we’ve listened.

A mobile-only theme may be the better option but it simply doesn’t offer what EKM shop owners need flexibility.

Mobile is an ever-changing landscape and due to larger, more powerful devices and browsers, we can now create responsive themes that offer all of the same benefits of a mobile-only theme and more.

  • Speed for mobile desktop and mobile users
  • Easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Edit once, see everywhere
  • EKM now offers better automatic image compression
  • The same features and functionality on any device
  • Both desktop, mobile and tablet look alike

The last point is probably one of the most important benefits of the new responsive themes and one of the main areas of feedback by shop owners in the past.

It’s not uncommon for shoppers to browse on mobile devices but complete the purchase on a desktop computer or tablet. If the desktop and mobile themes do not look familiar this could lead to a shopper not purchasing from your shop.

EKM shop owners know this and it’s why we’ve tirelessly explored different ways to achieve this with our current mobile theme. In the end, the simplest option turned out to be the best, just have the desktop theme work on all devices.


What are you waiting for?

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