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How to make the most of your popular products

A clever way of increasing conversions is to put the products you know your customers are looking for into the spotlight. In this article, we’ll show you how to utilise your best-selling products, and most searched for products by running a promotional campaign to increase sales.


If you’re consistently selling a lot of the same products, then you know they’re popular amongst your site visitors. You know that people are buying them, so why not create more of a hype and a buzz around them to bring in more sales?


Depending on which ecommerce provider you use, you’ll be able to identify your best sellers by looking at your shop analytics. If you use EKM, shop analytics are available to shop owners on the Growing package and above (however we’ll go into other ways you can find your best sellers in a moment). The ‘Best-Selling Products’ report gives you a breakdown of the products you’ve sold the most of in the last 30 days.

We’re going to use Tanning Lotions Direct as our example shop in this article. Here, you can see that Australian Gold Dark Legs was the most popular product purchased in the last 30 days, selling an impressive 26 bottles. You can also see that each of the top 4 best selling products are from the same Australian Gold brand. Therefore, it’d be a pretty good idea to run a promotion on the Australian Gold brand as it seems to be very popular amongst our customers.

If you don’t have shop analytics, then don’t worry as you can easily export your orders using the import / export feature. This fetches the raw data, which you can use to create graphs and charts to determine which are your best selling products. It’s slightly more of a manual process, however it yields the same results.


Looking at search statistics can also help you to find certain products to push. If your site visitors are all looking for the same product, then you know what they’re expecting to find on your website.


Most ecommerce platforms will allow you to access some form of search statistics. If you use EKM, we recommend that you install the ‘Search Statistics’ feature. It will show you the most searched for terms on your shop, giving you a valuable insight into the products your customers are hoping to find.

Here you can see the most searched for term on our tanning lotions shop is ‘Australian Gold’, which was also the shop’s best-selling brand. So with this information, the shop order now knows to run a promotional campaign for the Australian Gold brand.


One of the best ways to create a buzz around your popular products is by providing a discount. Shoppers love a good deal, so if they can get money off top brands or products they’ll be more likely to make a purchase from your shop rather than a competitor.

You could run a sales promotion where the discount is already applied to selected products, or you could provide a discount code that shoppers can enter at the checkout to get money off their basket.

Here our example tanning lotions shop have set up a sales promotion, offering up to 50% off selected brands including Australian Gold; their most popular brand. Ensure to shout about the promotion in your web banner like they have, making the offer bold so that it stands out and catches your visitors’ eye.

Make sure to include the promotion in your USP bar too. This is important as it’ll mean your promotion is visible from every page of your website. Your visitors aren’t always guaranteed to land on your homepage when they first come across your website. They might land on a product page or your about us page, depending on where they found your site. Including the offer in the USP bar just ensures it will gain maximum exposure.


Once you’ve set the promotion up on your website, it’s time to distribute it on your marketing channels. There’s no point going to the trouble of pin-pointing your popular products and setting up a discount on your shop, if you’re going to skip marketing the promotion to your audience.

You don’t have to do anything extravagant. All you need to do is make the most of the marketing channels you have at your disposal such as social media and email marketing.


Create social graphics to share across each of your social media profiles to push your promotion to your audience. Here, our tanning lotions shop have created posts for Instagram and Facebook, highlighting their best-selling product (Australian Gold Dark Legs), with details of the discount.

Ensure that the visual style of your posts is consistent across each platform, so that when the customer clicks the link to your site they know exactly what to look out for.

It’s also important that you consider the messaging you use in your copy. Using phrases that create a sense of urgency such as ‘Don’t miss out’, and ‘Hurry! Offer ends soon’ will create excitement and a buzz around your promotion.


Email marketing generates the highest ROI of all marketing channels. Providing you have an email list to play with, sending an email marketing campaign is an effective way of increasing sales which requires little investment in time or money.

If you’re new to email marketing, take a look at this ultimate introduction as it goes through how to build your list, and what kinds of campaigns you can send. If you already have an email list then that’s great, as all you need to do is choose a template and set up your campaign.

Once again ensure that the campaign visuals are consistent with your other channels, and include urgent messaging in your copy and in your subject line. Link the main banner image to the relevant category or page on your website, to make as easy as possible for your customers to find the relevant products. You should also include a selection of products (your best-seller and most searched for) in the email like the above example, so that your customers can easily purchase them.


While you don’t have to go down the paid ads route, it’s certainly a good option if you have the budget and you really want to create a buzz around your promotion. Consider using Facebook Ads to target your audience and direct more traffic to your shop. You don’t have to go crazy pumping lots of money into it, in fact you can spend as little or as much as you want.

If your audience is specific enough and you’re targeting the right people, you can potentially reach a few thousand people who are interested in what you’re selling off the back of £5.

If you need more help and guidance on Facebook Ads then take a look at this Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising.

So there we have it, a simple guide on how to make the most of your popular products. We recommend that you check your shop analytics at regular intervals so that you can always keep on top of what’s fresh and trending at the current time. You don’t always have to run discounts or sales on these products either if you don’t want to. For example, you might take a different approach and produce helpful content around particular products, or you might feature them in your web banners and on social media without an offer, just to put a little more focus on them.

It’s up to you whatever you decide to do with this valuable insight, but whatever you do, make sure you’re taking full advantage of it!

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