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March content marketing ideas for newsletters, blogs and emails


Another month, another opportunity to create amazing content. March marks a new season in the year as well as a lot of other holidays (here in the UK at least). We’re going to be talking about a few different themes that you can use to promote your business during March.

The start of Spring

The start of Spring officially begins on the 20th of March and marks the end of winter and a brand new season.

The start of a new season can help you bring new life into your business and promotions. You may want to release new lines to your product range at this time to attract sales from existing and new customers.

This could be in the form of email marketing, a ‘sneak peak’ blog into your new collection and any other form of marketing you choose such as advertising.

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

  • Just for you…a first look at Spring
  • NEW! Our Spring pre-collection is now online…
  • March into Spring with pretty new tops

Daylight savings time

The clocks officially change on Sunday the 28th of March at 01:00 am as we lose an hour. But this isn’t an inherently bad thing. Take this opportunity to remind customers that we’re getting ever closer to summer, longer days and of course to remind them to set their watches to the correct time.

This can be your opportunity to put a positive spin on your brand and help people associate with positive vibes.

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

  • Save more than time during Daylight Savings Time
  • Spring forward for savings
  • Exclusive savings for 1 hour only this Daylight Savings Time

Mothers day

Mother’s day is another great opportunity to promote your products through email marketing, your newsletter and blogs. Products that would make the perfect gift for Mothers day would be great to feature front and centre of a Mothers day email marketing campaign.

You’ll want to launch your campaign a week or so before the day itself, which is on Sunday the 14th of March. This gives your customer enough time to consider your products in their buying process as well as ensure they get their order on time.

To help conversion the closer it gets to the day you could offer free next day delivery for those who are late to the party.

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

  • Celebrate Mother’s day with us!
  • FREE next day delivery on all Mother’s Day items
  • Look no further for the perfect Mother’s Day gift

St Patrick’s day

St Patrick’s day comes on Wednesday the 17th of March this year and offers a great opportunity for any specialist retailers. Content around how to celebrate this holiday at home from party decor to games and recipes would make great content. Especially if you can feature your products somehow.

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

  • Celebrate St. Patrick ’s Day! Save some green with great deals! 
  • Lucky You! Our 74% OFF St. Patrick’s Day Sale is Unlocked!
  • We’re Seeing Green (In the Best Way Possible)


A new season means new product lines. And that means an opportunity to run an end of season sale on all your winter products. Getting rid of out of season stock helps you not only keep on top of your inventory management but also generates more sales and may even lead to sales of your new spring lines.

Potential subject lines for email marketing:

  • Sick of Winter Storms? Think Spring!
  • New Season, New Styles, New Colours
  • Save up to 25% on Winter styles

We hope these content marketing ideas have helped inspire you for your March content.

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