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Social media 101 : “Measuring the success of your content (KPI’s)”

In the corporate world, success metrics are known as ‘KPI’s’ (Key Performance Indicators). By setting KPI’s you can see whether you’re on track to achieve your goal and if not, what needs to change to get you back on track.

Again, don’t be intimidated by buzzwords, in reality it doesn’t have to be that complex. For example, if one of your goals is to increase your brand awareness through social, a good performance indicator would be the engagement you get on your posts (reach isn’t a reliable KPI).

‘Reach’ is often taken as a great KPI for social media marketing when in actual fact it isn’t at all. The deep, dark secret of the marketing ‘industry’ is that much like the financial industry, they have created a myriad of buzzwords that few people understand so that we can justify people a minority of ‘experts’ more. In reality, the metrics that most people use to identify KPI’s don’t map to real results at all. I’ve seen people high-five because their post reached thousands of people. All that really means is that their content has appeared in someone’s feed as they were scrolling, that doesn’t mean the person has acknowledged or more importantly interacted or consumed the content. When setting performance indicators for your content, ensure that they are real indicators of success, not flimsy metrics that get marketers excited. Performance indicators will vary depending on the platform, but they’re all generally the same, here’s a few safe ones to look out for:

  1. Shares, comments and likes (in that order)
  2. Clicks to website/blog/landing page
  3. Video views above 10 seconds (Facebook deems ‘a view’ as 3 seconds which is not a realistic success metric)
  4. Tagging friends


Final comments

Social media marketing is a long game so don’t be disheartened when you’ve not tripled your bottom-line in 4 weeks because you’ve been putting out regular content, have patience, learn from each post, get better everyday and stay focused on the end goal, not vanity metrics of success.

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