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Miss Peachy: Getting 16k Twitter followers for my fashion brand

Do you see new fashion brands with thousands of followers on social media and wonder how they did it? Is there some kind of magic trick? Surely they must have bought them?

Kath, owner of successful online fashion store Miss Peachy has grown her list of Twitter followers organically (no cheats, no tricks, no buying) to over 16k and she wants to tell you how you can do the same for your online shop.

Best of all, the list is still growing rapidly.


1.  Log in- Every. Single. Day

Always keep your account maintained. This means; visit it daily to check new followers, customer posts or questions.


2. Keep it real

Block spam or porn accounts and do not buy followers (all of these only attract more spam and, buying followers can get your account suspended). You want to build a list of active, legitimate followers.


3. It isn’t all about fashion

Follow and retweet other businesses even if their products are not similar to your own. They in turn may retweet your products to spread your reach. Their customers may well still become yours too- as everyone needs to wear clothing!


4. Safety pin your tweets

If you have a special offer- pin your tweet to the top of your home page so that it will be retweeted by people visiting your page. (Take a look at Miss Peachy’s pinned tweet)


5. Product pictures

Always post a picture of your product in your tweet  – it takes up more space on the newsfeed and is more eye catching. Don’t forget to add a link to your product within your tweet.


6. Be there all the time

Post a minimum of 8 tweets per day. You can use a scheduler like Buffer to schedule tweets to go out at times when you find the most engagement, or when your chosen hashtag hours trend. Check out this guide to useful social media tools.


7. Use your competitors

Follow five followers from your larger competitors list per day. These followers are likely to be interested in your products too.


8. #Hashtags work

Use hashtags with a lot of activity in your tweets to increase your reach. My favourites are #UKSOPRO #UKBiz # BizAds #FlockBN. You can find a useful list on this page. See this article for more about tweeting during a business hashtag hour.


9. Enter awards

Enter social media business awards like Theo Papthitis’ #SBS. Awards like this expose your business to a wide audience and help you get some recognition in the industry. You’ll also see an influx of proactive businesses following you on Twitter who will continue to interact with you and retweet you after your moment in the spotlight is over.

Miss Peachy has won six Twitter awards in the past six months. On winning an award you will be promoted by the award provider who typically has a lot of followers.


10. Get down to business hours

When you can be at your account for an hour or so join in with the many business hours that run daily on Twitter. These are similar to the hashtag hours but run at a set times daily. Here’s a list of the most active ones.


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