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More reasons to go mobile

Whether we’re standing at a bus stop, train station, in a queue at the supermarket, at the gym or at a restaurant – basically anywhere we have time to kill, we see people on their smartphones. They’re browsing the web, checking social media and most importantly, shopping online.

It seems we’re always tuned in on our travels. Sometimes it looks as if we’ve turned into a bunch of zombies, as we’re standing in lines all staring at our screens. This creates a HUGE opportunity for all who understand how to positively exploit our ‘permanently connected’ culture.

The big benefit of ekmPowershop is that you’re already able to tap into that market. You have a mobile shop at your disposal, and all you have to do to activate it is visit your shop’s design section. It couldn’t be much easier and not doing it means you’re losing out – likely big time.

The numbers don’t lie

Search Engine Watch recently reported that “60% of all consumers exclusively used mobile to make purchasing decisions” and to research products that they’re interested in. This ultimately means that if you aren’t mobile optimised, you’re potentially sacrificing a huge percentage of sales. These numbers also suggest that you want to optimise your site in such a way that you’re providing all the information that they could possibly want to find. Ideally you want them to buy from you then and there, but at the very least you want them to remember you and make sure they return later to make a purchase from you. So be convincing, creative and memorable!

Online sales in Europe, last year reached €1.7 billion via mobile devices and by 2017 mCommerce sales will account for 6.8% of total online sales. The UK is once again at the forefront of this increase in sales and it’s now that you should take the step to claw in any extra sales you can.

The annoyance of badly optimised shops

We all know how annoying it can be visiting a mobile website that hasn’t been optimised. The buttons are too small, the pages don’t adapt to the size of the screen, the payment options aren’t well integrated and more often than not it puts us off purchasing. That’s why the mobile version of ekmPowershop has been kept simple, easy to understand and easily navigatable. It’ll keep people on your site whilst they’re searching for information, as it’s easy to use and browse through.

It’s also integrated with plenty of mobile optimised payment gateways, making the entire checkout flow completely mobile friendly. You can choose from PayPal Express, First Data, eWAY, SmartPay and others, with plenty more gateways becoming mobile optimised as time goes on.

Are you ready?

Are you ready for customers visiting your site on a mobile device? If not then now’s the time. If you are, what experiences have you had so far? What benefits have you had? We’d love to hear your feedback so leave us a comment below!






Author: Sönke Dökel is an Online Marketing Expert at ekmPowershop.com, the UK’s leading hosted eCommerce website solution.

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