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New checkout: Release details

Over the next few weeks…

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a brand new checkout for all ekmPowershop users. The new checkout will be introduced in phases based on the settings that customers currently have enabled on their shop.


Sneak Peek

The beginning of this week saw the first insights into the new checkout with a video from our Lead UI Designer, John. In the video, John spoke about how the new checkout will be free of the distractions that currently encourage shoppers to abandon the checkout flow. As well as removing these distractions, we’ve made updates to the entire system to bring a checkout optimised to increase the amount of people that see the checkout process through to the end.

Below are a few sneak peeks at just some of the changes that can be expected over the next few weeks.



Inline field validation will tell shoppers whether they have filled out their details correctly or incorrectly, ensuring that they can complete the checkout quickly and problem free.
before-aftercheckout (1)

Links that draw shoppers away from completing the checkout process will be removed.

A visual progress indicator will break down the checkout process into simple, easy to complete steps- showing shoppers that the checkout process will be completed quickly.

The feedback so far

Over the past few months we’ve been working with our customers to make the improvements that they would like to see. Our group of beta testers have played an integral role in ensuring that our new checkout will provide the optimal experience for your shoppers. They have tested out the new checkout extensively and we are pleased to say they’ve had excellent results.


How our beta testers rated the new checkout after using it on their shops for 8 days

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