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Royal Mail announces new parcel pick-up service

In an effort to compete with large parcel services like DHL, Hermes and DPD, Royal Mail has announced that they will be rolling out a new parcel pick-up service.

This strategic move comes amidst a massive boom in ecommerce in 2020 following the coronavirus pandemic. Although Royal Mail has seen an increase in deliveries in recent years, the firm is still on track to end in a financial loss for 2020.

Royal Mail has been quoted as saying this is “one of the biggest changes to the daily delivery since the launch of the post box in 1852”.

If Royal Mail can manage the new logistical challenges this addition will bring, it could be a great opportunity for the firm to tap into a massive boom in both ecommerce and online returns as online shoppers seek to exchange items bought online.

This service will no doubt be useful to the nation as the threat of additional lockdown measures looms on the horizon and while many are still choosing to avoid queues at the local post office.

While some businesses may already book large scale collections through Royal Mail with their business collection services, this is a great opportunity for small business owners who have a fewer number of parcels per day.

Those who wish to use the service can book a collection online or via the Royal Mail App as early as 5 days before the collection date or up to midnight the day before the collection date required.

A maximum of 5 parcels can be collected at a time, and each parcel will cost £0.72, plus the cost of postage. For prepaid returns the fee will be only £0.60.

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